NSU Residential Living Guide 2020-2021

RESIDENTIAL LIVING GUIDE 28 If everyone remains calm, stays inside, and observes the above instructions, and precautions, this minimizes danger. If anyone has any questions, please contact the Office Residence Life and Housing Staff or Public Safety. Students are responsible for following all the procedures above and any other procedures given at the shelter location by the Office of Residential Life and Housing staff. Residents will not be able to return to the halls and must stay indoors at the designated shelter location during the hurricane. If a resident chooses to stay off-campus during the storm, he or she will not be able to return until the Office of Residential Life and Housing opens the residence halls. This is for your protection. Procedures After the Hurricane y y Residents will not be allowed back into the residence halls until the Director of Residential Life and Housing has received approval from University administration that all residence halls are safe and secure. y y Students must routinely check e-mails and university advisories for continuous updates. y y Damage to personal property found after the storm is not the responsibility of Nova Southeastern University or the Office of Residential Life and Housing. y y Damage to NSU Property will be taken care of by the University in a timely manner after the storm. y y Damage to personal property must be taken care of on an individual basis so make sure to have renter’s insurance in case of emergencies. y y If residents need to be relocated due to damage to their room, the Office of Residential Life and Housing will work with each student to find a temporary location on campus until the room is cleared by University administration. All doors should be locked when the occupants are not in the room or apartment. y y All windows must be closed tightly. In those facilities where Venetian blinds are provided, the blinds should be down and closed. DO NOT put tape on windows. y y Each student should provide her/ his own flashlight in case of power failure. DO NOT use candles under any circumstances; fire is uncontrollable during a hurricane. Residents should provide themselves with an adequate supply of non-perishable foods to last two to three days. y y If you vacate your residence prior to the storm, we ask that you inform the Office of Residential Life and Housing staff where you can be located. y y During storms, all automobiles must be parked in designated parking areas. y y All windows should be closed, and your doors locked. Procedures During the Hurricane Whether on campus or in a designated off campus shelter, your personal protection and welfare is essential. We ask that you follow this list of instructions: 1. It is essential that all residents stay with the Office of Residential Life and Housing staff throughout the entire hurricane. Residents must not leave their area of shelter until directed to do so by the Residence Life and Housing staff. 2. Students should remain away from danger areas, such as glass windows and doors of the shelter. 3. Do not attempt to open windows or doors to see what is happening outside once you are located in the designated shelter area.