NSU Residential Living Guide 2023-2024

NOVA SOUTHEASTERN UNIVERSITY 29 2023–2024 RESIDENTIAL LIVING GUIDE 28 campus residence complex will have to park in the visitor lot next to the Horvitz Administration Building and/or the parking garage next to the Parker Building. Visitor parking is available for guests of Rolling Hills Apartments across from Building A. Personal Safety Creating a safer residence hall and University community requires your active participation. Ultimately, your safety depends on you. Here are several simple steps, which you can take to help protect yourself, your valuables, and your neighbors: ƒ Lock your door whenever you leave your room or go to sleep. ƒ Do not prop or tamper with the locks on the hall entrance or room doors. ƒ Do not bring people back to the University community who you do not trust and know well. ƒ Protect your property by engraving it with your name, driver’s license number and state abbreviation. Public Safety can assist you with this. ƒ Report safety concerns and crimes to the residence hall staff immediately. Additionally, immediately report any crime to Public Safety at (954) 262- 8999. In the event of a missing student, Residence Life staff and NSU Public Safety will: 1. Attempt to contact the student via telephone, email or other means 2. Conduct a wellness check of the resident’s room; and 3. Attempt to engage other students who may be aware of the missing person’s whereabouts (i.e., roommates). If staff is unable to make contact with the potential missing student, Davie Police Department and those individuals designated, below, will be contacted and notified. For any student under 18 years of age, and not an emancipated individual, the Office of Residence Life is required to notify a custodial parent or guardian no later than twenty-four (24) hours after the time the student is determined to be missing. Parking All residents with vehicles are required to get a residence parking decal from the One-Stop Shop within two weeks of checking into the residence halls. If your car does not have the proper decal, it will be ticketed by the Office of Public Safety. All residents must have their NSU SharkCard to access residence lots. All visitors to the main Search and Seizures In the interest of maintaining an environment that facilitates scholarship and provides for the health and safety of resident students, the University reserves the right, when necessary, for authorized University personnel to enter or search a University owned room or apartment. The regulation applies to all living units under the administrative control of Nova Southeastern University. Additionally, Davie Police Officers may enter rooms and conduct searches and seize property in accordance with applicable statutes, policies, rules, and regulations. Any and all evidence resulting from the search procedure shall be considered admissible for any and all University discipline and prosecutorial purposes. All students residing in the Nova Southeastern University Residence Halls and their guests are expected to abide by the Residence Hall and Housing policies and regulations outlined in this handbook. In addition, they are required to follow all rules and regulations in the current issue of the NSU Student Handbook located online at nova.edu/student-handbook. Changes in the content of the student handbook may be made at any time by the University, Division, or College administration. Adequate notice of anticipated changes will be given to the students, whenever possible. Residents are also responsible to be aware of any changes made to the Residence Living Guide throughout the year. Notifications of Residence Living Guide changes during the academic year will be communicated to students through the on-campus mail or e-mail system and the most updated copy of the guide will be maintained on the Residence Life website at nova.edu/reslife/forms/resguide.pdf. Community Stan-