NSU Residential Living Guide 2020-2021

RESIDENTIAL LIVING GUIDE 24 Windows Policy In order to assist with the regulation of the air conditioning units, students living in the residence halls must keep their windows closed. Tampering with air conditioning units will result in a minimum of a $150 fine and disciplinary action. Objects may not be placed on windowsills or ledges. All residents are required to keep windows shut and keep their screens intact at all times. Students who violate the open window policy will be fined $150 per occurrence. y y Residents are responsible for their guests’ behavior. y y Residents and guests should vacate the pool area during thunder and/or lightning storms. y y Residents and guest must respect the rights of others using the pool and pool common spaces. Technology and Information Security Policy All residents are required to read and understand the policies and procedures set forth by the Office of Innovation and Information Technology. Any students found violating these policies will be fined for damaged hardware provided by Nova Southeastern University, have personal hardware removed by the Office of Innovation and Information Technology and be subjected to a judicial hearing by the Director of Residential Life and Housing. For more information on the policies mandated by the Office of Information Technology, please visit their website at www.nova.edu/common-lib/policies/. If you need help with your wireless connection, you can complete one of the following options: NSU Help Desk Contact numbers are: (954) 262-HELP (4357) Toll Free: (800) 541-NOVA (6682) Extension: 24357 Hours of Operation Monday–Friday 7:00 a.m.–10:00 p.m. EST/EDT Saturday and Sunday 8:30 p.m. – 5:00 p.m. EST/EDT Please see more information online at nova.edu/help. Hours may vary during holidays.