NSU Residential Living Guide 2023-2024

NOVA SOUTHEASTERN UNIVERSITY 23 2023–2024 RESIDENTIAL LIVING GUIDE 22 Residence Hall Property No University property may be removed from the living units or from the public areas without written authorization from the Office of Residence Life or University Housing. Students missing assigned property or found with furnishings from public areas of the University in their rooms are subject to replacement cost, moving charges, and conduct action. Rolling Hills Pool and Pool Area Common Spaces ƒ The hours of the Rolling Hills Pool are daily dawn to dusk. ƒ Swimming in the Rolling Hills Pool can only occur when the pool is open ƒ Residents and guests of the Rolling Hills common spaces are allowed to use the pool area. ƒ Residents and guests of the Rolling Hills common spaces are allowed to use the following common space areas 24 hours a day to study or relax: ƒ Rolling Hills Pool Pavilion ƒ Rolling Hills Pool Terrace ƒ Rolling Hills Pool Lounge ƒ Rolling Hills Pool Patio ƒ Residents and guests are not allowed to swim in the rock formations or jump from the rock formations ƒ Smoking is not permitted anywhere in Rolling Hills, including but not limited to pool areas, parking lots, and outdoor areas. ƒ Grilling at the Rolling Hills Pool Complex is allowed only when pool is open. Physical Facilities Physical Plant, in conjunction with University Housing, has responsibility for the basic operation and maintenance of the physical facilities in the residence halls. For this reason, only those persons authorized by the Office of Residence Life, University Housing and/or Physical Plant are permitted to repair residence hall furnishings and equipment. Students who require assistance in this area should contact their RA or the Office of Residence Life. Residence Hall Health and Safety Checks The Office of Residence Life will conduct periodic health and safety inspections in the residence halls. The inspections will include a check of areas such as: ƒ Electrical, heating, and cooling appliances. ƒ Housekeeping, health hazards, and pest control. ƒ Other unauthorized hazardous or illegal items. Notification of all Health and Safety Inspections will be done at least 48 hours prior to the safety inspections starting. RAs will reach out to residents to schedule a time that works for all to be present for the inspection. Inspections will occur in the absence of residents only after multiple attempts to schedule a time have failed. Residence Life staff reserves the right to enter a space without a resident present for Health and Safeties. In a resident’s absence, a form or note will be left to show if the resident passed or failed the inspection. a conduct hearing by the Director of Residence Life. For more information on the policies mandated by the Office of Information Technology, please visit their website at https://nova.edu/portal/oiit/ policies/. If you need help with your wireless connection, you can complete one of the following options: NSU Shark IT Services https://www.nova.edu/help (954) 262-HELP (4357) Toll Free: (800) 541-NOVA (6682) Extension: 24357 Hours of Operation Monday–Friday 8:30 a.m.–8:30 p.m. EST/EDT Saturday 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. EST/EDT Closed on Sundays Please see more information online at https://www.nova.edu/help. Hours may vary during holidays. Please see more information online at nova. edu/help. Hours may vary during holidays. Windows Policy In order to assist with the regulation of the air conditioning units, students living in the residence halls must keep their windows closed. Tampering with air conditioning units will result in a minimum of a $150 fine and conduct action. Objects may not be placed on windowsills or ledges. Residents must not go through windows or throw objects through windows. All residents are required to keep windows shut and keep their screens intact at all times. Students who violate the open window policy will be fined a minimum of a $150 fine per occurrence. ƒ Running or horseplay is not allowed. ƒ Any residents or guest found swimming in the pool outside the regulated times will be subject to the student conduct process to the discretion of NSU Residence Life. ƒ Residents and guests should take precautions based on their own swimming level and try not to swim alone. ƒ Diving is NOT permitted. ƒ Pool furniture must remain in the pool area at all times. ƒ Glass is NOT permitted in the pool area; only plastic or metal containers are allowed. ƒ Staff have the right to ask for music or voices to be lowered at any time. ƒ Residence Life, University Housing or the Office of Recreation and Wellness is NOT responsible for loss of property or accidents. ƒ Alcohol is NOT permitted at any time in the pool or common pool areas. ƒ Pets are NOT permitted in the pool or common pool areas. ƒ Appropriate bathing attire is required when using the pools. ƒ Rolling Hills guest policies also apply for pool common spaces. ƒ Residents are responsible for their guests’ behavior at all times. ƒ Residents and guests should vacate the pool area during thunder and/or lightning storms. ƒ Residents and guests must respect the rights of others using the pool and pool common spaces. Technology and Information Security Policy All residents are required to read and understand the policies and procedures set forth by the Office of Innovation and Information Technology. Any students found violating these policies will be fined for damaged hardware provided by Nova Southeastern University, have personal hardware removed by the Office of Innovation and Information Technology, and be subjected to