NSU Residential Living Guide 2020-2021

NOVA SOUTHEASTERN UNIVERSITY 13 Housing Contract, Payments and Refund Policy Nova Southeastern University requires all undergraduate students with 0–48 credit hours to live on campus unless one or more of the following criteria applies: 1. You are married or in a domestic partnership; 2. You reside with your immediate family (mother, father, or legal guardian) within the tri-county area (Broward, Miami- Dade, and Palm Beach). 3. You are a veteran or active United States military personnel. 4. You are over the age of 25. 5. You are married or have a domestic partnership. 6. Full Online Student. 7. COVID, Housing Exemption. If you meet one of the criteria, and choose on- campus housing, you must honor the entire term of the contract. Undergraduate students who wish to reside on-campus during the summer term are required to submit a summer housing contract and move into the halls designated for the summer. Students are responsible for paying their housing fees online through their WebStar account or at One-Stop-Shop in the Horvitz Administration Building prior to occupying their room in the residence halls. Students are responsible for making payments for any amount not covered by a financial award. Housing payments must be made as required by the housing agreement. A failure to make appropriate payments will be considered by the Office of Residential Life and Housing a breach of agreement and shall, at the University’s option, expel the student resident from the University Residence Hall. If a student is either not registered or enrolled during any part of the academic year or has failed to timely make any payment to Nova Southeastern University, the student will be be subject to judicial action and the student account will be put on hold for failing to comply with the consolidation process. The room charge will be changed and prorated at a daily rate according to the date of the room change. Dining Hall Usage All students residing in Leo Goodwin Hall and the Commons are required to participate in the $1595 declining balance per semester offered by Shark Dining. Students living in Rolling Hills, Mako Hall, Founders, Farquhar, Vettel, and the Cultural Living Center are required to participate in the $450 declining balance per semester offered by Shark Dining. Funds available at the end of the Fall semester will roll over to the Winter semester and all funds will be suspended after May 12, 2021. In addition, all residents with a required declining balance may add money to their SharkCard. Students must exhibit appropriate behavior in dining areas at all times. No meals can be purchased without your SharkCard and no other person is allowed to use another student’s SharkCard. Please note that the mandatory declining balance plan can only be prorated up to the third week of the undergraduate academic calendar in the Fall and in the Winter. All mandatory declining balances will be considered active unless and until the Office of Residential Life and Housing and Office of Business Services grant a written release. Holidays and Housing All residence halls are open over all holidays and academic breaks. No overnight guests are allowed during spring break or winter break for more than a three-day period.