College of Pharmacy - Graduate Brochure

Nova Southeastern University | 1 MESSAGE FROM THE DEAN The mission of NSU’s College of Pharmacy is to educate and develop inclusive leaders in the science and practice of pharmacy who will improve health through discovery, innovation, advocacy, and the delivery of optimal patient care. To achieve this mission, candidates are prepared to excel in their chosen careers through state- of-the-art education and technology; knowledgeable faculty members; and a diverse, engaging learning environment adapting to everchanging health care challenges. Whether you become a clinical pharmacist, researcher, academician, or pharmaceutical industry or legislative expert, NSU’s College of Pharmacy will give you the edge to be a leader and a catalyst for change in your chosen field. At the heart of our college are exceptional students mentored by committed and talented faculty members, preceptors, and alumni recognized as experts and leaders in their field. They provide professional and graduate education focusing on academic excellence. Students are given the opportunity to prepare, practice, and perform skills through • interprofessional and collaborative community • active learning in and out of the classroom • pharmacy certifications • concurrent degrees • research and scholarship • health fairs and community activities • internships • travel study programs • medical outreach • engaging guest speakers • much more Pharmacy is a rewarding, dynamic profession that provides opportunities for discovery, innovation, advocacy, and the delivery of outstanding patient care. Make NSU’s College of Pharmacy your destination for pharmacy and graduate education and discover the NSU edge for yourself. Fins Up! Michelle A. Clark, Ph.D. Dean, College of Pharmacy