NSU’s Dr. Pallavi Patel College of Health Care Sciences PA - Fort Myers

Nova Southeastern University | 5 Did You Know? THE PHYSICIAN ASSISTANT PROFESSION was born at Duke Uni- versity in the mid-1960s, conceptualized by Eugene A. Stead, Jr., M.D. A lack of primary care providers prompted Stead, together with many fellow physicians and educators, to introduce a new medical professional who could work in collaboration with physi- cians. These professionals were called physician assistants (PAs). CHALLENGE It is the obligation of each physician/PA team to ensure that • a PA’s scope of practice is identified • delegation of medical tasks is appro- priate to a PA’s level of competence • the PA’s relationship with, and access to, the supervising physician is defined • a process of performance evaluation is established Adequate responsible supervision of the PA contributes to both high-quality patient care and professional growth. PURPOSE The NSU Physician Assistant Program— Fort Myers endeavors to • provide an educational experience that emphasizes primary medical care • enable graduates to demonstrate compe- tency and skill in a variety of clinical and cultural settings • provide health care experiences in medi- cally underserved communities • prepare students for lifelong learning • prepare students for leadership roles • produce PAs who uphold the tenets of professionalism