NSU’s Dr. Pallavi Patel College of Health Care Sciences PA - Fort Lauderdale

Nova Southeastern University | 5 Did You Know? Back in the mid-1960s, physicians and educators recognized the need for a new medical professional who would team up with phy- sicians. These professionals were called physicians assistants (PAs). CHALLENGE It is the obligation of each physician/PA team to ensure that • a PA’s scope of practice is identified • delegation of medical tasks is appropriate to a PA’s level of competence • the relationship of, and access to, the super- vising physician is defined • a process of performance evaluation is established Adequate responsible supervision of the PA contributes to both high-quality patient care and professional growth. PURPOSE • to provide a primary care training program designed for, and dedicated to, produc- ing competent, caring physician assistants who will provide quality health care in rural, urban, underserved, and culturally diverse communities • to increase the accessibility of quality health care, mainly in the primary care set- ting, as well as in specialty care areas • to prepare students for lifelong learning and leadership roles • to promote the physician assistant profession