NSU's College of Optometry Entering Class of 2023

Nova Southeastern University | 23 TUITION AND FEES Tuition for 2023–2024 will be posted on our website (optometry.nova.edu/od /admissions/expenses.html). An Optometry general access fee of $145 is required each year. An NSU student services fee of $1,800 is also required annually. All tuition and fees are subject to change by the board of trustees without notice. Eligible students must request in-state tuition at the time of application. For tuition purposes, students’ Florida residency status (in-state or out-of-state) will be determined at initial matriculation and will remain the same throughout the entire enrollment of the student at NSU. Accordingly, tuition will not be adjusted as a result of any change in residency status after initial enrollment registration. Acceptance Fee—$500. This fee is required to reserve the accepted applicant’s place in the entering first-year class. This advance payment will be deducted from the tuition payment due on registration day, but is nonrefundable in the event of a withdrawal. It is payable within two weeks of an applicant’s acceptance. Deposit—$500. This is due April 1, under the same terms as the acceptance fee. College Laboratory/Equipment Fee of $50 will be assessed per academic year. The first term’s tuition and fees, less the $1,000 previously paid, are due on or before the initial registration period. Tuition for each subsequent term is due at the time of registration. Students may be issued a personal identification number (NSU ID) once they have applied. It is imperative that you retain and protect your NSU ID, as it is used for access to your personal student information.