On Campus Living Guide

4 4-person suite: 4 single bedrooms and 2 bathrooms The Commons Hall 501 Residents Live, learn, and thrive. If you enjoy both private time and hubs of activity, this community might be the place for you. Create a retreat and sleep schedule with your own room while preserving the ability to connect with suite mates. Or, share your space with a roommate. Enjoy a community where you can study, host meetings, or congregate with friends. Fast Facts • open to freshmen and sophomores • dynamic inclusion of living and learning spaces • indoor/outdoor common areas • four-bedroom suites with single- and double-occupancy options • mandatory meal plan (See page 2.) Furnishings: bed, dresser, desk and chair Features: two bathrooms per suite, bedroom closet, and built-in storage/counter facility for each suite Optional appliances (bring your own): 2.0–4.0 cubic-foot refrigerator, microwave Amenities • computer/printing stations • 16 study lounges • 16 community living rooms • 2 laundry facilities • elevators • wireless Internet • cable TV • gated parking • 24/7 security 5-person suite: 3 single bedrooms/1 double bedroom and 2 bathrooms