On Campus Living Guide

2 Did You Know? Living on campus provides easier access to professors, clubs, activities, and meals without having to worry about traffic, the cost of gas, or returning to campus for nighttime events. There is peace of mind knowing you don’t have to obsess over paying utility bills, shopping for groceries, or worrying about your Internet connection. Being a resident on campus lets you focus on living. Get involved and make new friends! Full immersion into the college experience fosters a sense of independence with the comfort of built-in safety nets. Your peers are your neighbors, the RAs care about your success, and a medical center and other support ser- vices are right around the corner. Residency Requirement NSU requires all undergraduate day students with up to 48 credit hours to live on campus un- less one or more of the following criteria apply: • you are married or in a domestic partnership • you reside with a parent or legal guard- ian within the tricounty area (Broward, Miami-Dade, and Palm Beach counties) • you are a veteran or active United States military personnel If you meet one of the above criteria and choose on-campus housing, you must honor the entire term of the housing contract. If you are older than 25 or married, you have the op- tion to move into the apartments, depending on availability, or live off campus. Meal Plan All students living in any NSU residence, regardless of credit hours, must purchase a mandatory, declining-balance plan per se- mester. If a resident chooses to apply addi- tional funds to his or her card, it can be done at any time. If a balance exists on a resident’s declining balance plan at the end of the fall semester, the resident’s funds will roll over to the winter semester. Once the winter semester ends, the remaining balance will no longer be available to the resident. Visit nova.edu/housing to review plan details for each hall.