Nursing Student Handbook 2024-2025

Nova Southeastern University Student Handbook 27 the finished product or material in which NSU may eventually use my likeness. I acknowledge that NSU owns all rights to my likeness and understand that, although NSU will endeavor to use my likeness in accordance with standards of good judgment, NSU cannot warrant or guarantee that any further dissemination of my likeness will be subject to NSU’s supervision or control. Accordingly, I release NSU from any and all liability related to the use, dissemination, reproduction, distribution, and/or display of my likeness in any media format, and any alteration, distortion, or illusionary effect of my likeness, whether intentional or otherwise, in connection with said use. I also understand that I may not withdraw my permission for use of my likeness which was granted. A.9 Indebtedness to the University By registering for courses at Nova Southeastern University, the student accepts financial responsibility for payment of all institutional costs including, but not limited to, tuition, fees, housing, health insurance, and meal plan (if applicable), and any additional costs when those charges become due. Payment is due in full at the time of registration. NSU eBill notices are sent the middle of each month to the student’s NSU email address. However, to avoid late charges, students should not wait for the notice to pay their tuition and fees. A student will not be able to register for future semesters until all outstanding balances from previous semesters have been paid in full. If a student has a balance 30 days after the start of the semester, a hold and a $100 late fee will be placed on the student’s account. This hold freezes student services, including, but not limited to, campus residence hall check-in, future registration, and use of the NSU RecPlex. It will remain on the student’s account until the balance has been paid in full. Delinquent student account balances may be reported to a credit bureau and referred to collection agencies or litigated. Students with delinquent accounts will be liable for any costs associated with the collection of unpaid charges, including attorney fees and court costs. All registration agreements shall be construed in accordance with Florida law, and any lawsuit to collect unpaid fees may be brought in the appropriate court sitting in Broward County, Florida, regardless of the student’s domicile. FORCE MAJEURE NSU’s duties and obligations to the student shall be suspended or modified immediately, without notice, during all periods that the university determines it is closed or ceases or modifies or curtails operations because of force majeure events including, but not limited to, any fire or any casualty, flood, earthquake, hurricane, lightning, explosion, strikes, lockouts, prolonged shortage of energy supplies, riots or civil commotion, act(s) of God, war, governmental action, act(s) of terrorism, infectious diseases, epidemic, pandemic, physical or structural dangers, or any other event beyond the university’s control. If such an event occurs, NSU’s duties and obligations to the student (including its delivery and format of classes, student housing and dining, campus facilities and related services, activities, and events) will be postponed, canceled, or modified until such time as the school, in its sole discretion, may safely reopen or resume normal operations. Under no circumstances, except as otherwise required by federal or state statute, will NSU be obligated to refund, reduce, or credit any portion of tuition, housing, meal plans, fees, or any other cost or charge attributable to any location, delivery modality, or service affected by any such force majeure event necessitated by act(s) of God, university or academic or health and safety decisions, and/or any situations outside of the university’s control. This includes, but is not limited to, any suspensions to or changes from in-person, on-campus education, services and/or activities to remote services, activities, and/or remote learning. By choosing to enroll or study at NSU, students agree to these terms.