Nursing Student Handbook 2023-2024

Ron and Kathy Assaf College of Nursing (ACON) 2023–2024 124 Student Performance Standards Attendance Undergraduate Students In the ACON, and for students in the B.S.N. programs, class attendance is strongly recommended. Points are given for in-class assignments, including unannounced quizzes and class activities during class. Students must be present in class to be eligible for these points. Additionally, students are expected to attend classes punctually. Class schedules are issued from time to time as an aid to faculty members and students, but the administration reserves the right to make changes, assign Saturday hours, or deviate from published schedules without notice. Working while enrolled in the entry-level nursing program and accelerated bachelor’s degree is not advised because of the intensity of the program. Students who choose to work are advised to keep their working hours to a maximum of 20 hours per week. Graduate Students For students in the graduate programs, on-campus class attendance is strongly recommended to achieve success in class. If students miss 20 percent of classes, course success is unlikely due to the delivery of crucial content and points associated with learning activities. Clinical lab activities are completed during class time which reinforces course content. Graduate students who miss class will miss points that will result in a reduction in grade(s). Should absence from class occur, resulting actions will be detailed in the syllabus. Online Courses Online courses require students to participate in the online environment as designated by the course syllabus. Failure to participate in course discussions and activities, as directed by the course for each course week, may result in deducted points and may affect the overall course grade. The online class environment relies on the engagement of each member for full exchange of course material. Student Responsibility for Missed Assignments If a course requirement is late, the student must refer to the syllabus and meet with faculty member(s) as soon as possible. Some assignments can not be made up. Faculty Member Responsibility for Missed Assignments Faculty members are under no obligation to provide makeup quizzes/tests/exams for students who have unexcused absences from classes in which those quizzes/tests/exams are administered. Although the course instructor should exercise a fair and consistent standard for resolving questions of missed assignments, the type, extent, manner, and time frame of any makeup assignments shall be at the discretion of the instructor/program director.