Nursing Student Handbook 2023-2024

Ron and Kathy Assaf College of Nursing (ACON) 2023–2024 113 If a student will be on an administrative break in enrollment for less than 50 percent of any course and is in passing status (i.e., miss less than half of a course), the student will be issued an incomplete contract for the course. The plan of the incomplete must be finished in the semester the student returns. The student’s program director will sign the incomplete contract as completed by the faculty member(s), regarding possible dates of return and time allowed for making up missed coursework and examinations prior to finalizing the incomplete plan with the student. While on an administrative break in enrollment, a student is not eligible to attend any class or laboratory session, make up incomplete class work, or take any class examinations. A student requesting an administrative break in enrollment beyond one year in length must meet with the program director and the department chair, and a recommendation will be made to the dean who will make the final decision. Students in the B.S.N. or A.P.R.N. programs should be encouraged to return as soon as possible in order to be successful in their NCLEX or certification examinations. Time away from clinical classes impacts testing success. 4. Communication with the ACON During a Leave of Absence/Administrative Break in Enrollment A student who is on an LOA or an administrative break in enrollment must communicate every two months with the program director for the duration of the LOA/administrative break in enrollment. This communication is initiated by the student and occurs during the first week of every other month, starting with the month following the onset of the LOA/administrative break in enrollment. Failure to report may result in the student being referred to the CSP for disciplinary action. 5. Return from Administrative Break in Enrollment If the student was under review for a disciplinary action prior to the request for leave or administrative break in enrollment, the student may not resume the program without appearing before the CSP. Upon completion of its review, the CSP will make a recommendation to the dean as to whether the student may resume the program. If appropriate, a student may resume the program with a disciplinary action imposed on the student at the beginning of the resumption for a stated period. All decisions made by the dean concerning a student’s ability to return following an administrative break in enrollment are final. If the student is not in good academic standing at the time of the administrative break in enrollment, a committee composed of administrative committee members will review the student’s record and make a recommendation to the dean as to whether the student may resume the program. 6. Leave of Absence Records Leave of absence records and the date of each determination shall be placed in the student’s academic record. Graduation Requirements To be eligible for a degree from NSU’s ACON, students shall meet the program requirements (following) for their specific programs. To graduate, students must be in good standing. Accordingly, a student who is on academic or disciplinary probation will not be cleared for graduation until the sanction is lifted. Students should consult with their program directors about the process for having any sanctions lifted. Diplomas are not sent to a P.O. box address. It is the students’ responsibility to update their mailing address in Self-Service Banner.