Nursing Student Handbook 2024-2025

Ron and Kathy Assaf College of Nursing (ACON) 2024–2025 103 Licensure Requirement All programs excluding entry-level programs. Active, current, unencumbered U.S. professional nursing (R.N.) license is required for admission into a nursing program and must be maintained throughout the program. Academic Policies and Procedures Academic Progression Academic progression is defined as the student’s advancement from one academic semester to the next. To facilitate academic progress, students must have satisfactorily completed all courses and clinical requirements in the preceding academic semester to move to the next academic semester without restrictions. A student’s professionalism, maturity of thought, and/or academic performance are contributory to academic progression. Resources are available to assist students at risk of unsatisfactory progression. Students are encouraged to seek assistance from their instructor, adviser, or program director. Exam Reviews and Follow Up Exams are used for assessment of learning outcomes and as a teaching tool. Following administration and analysis of examinations, faculty members review most frequently missed exam concepts in class. Additionally, faculty members reach out to and meet with any student whose performance falls below the expected passing score to provide additional review of concepts and hold a postexam-learning session outside of class time. All students are welcome, but students who failed the exam are required to attend. Grading System At the end of each course, the instructor submits a grade for each student to NSU grades and to the program director. Instructors assign grades based on successful completion of all didactic and clinical objectives and submission of clinical paperwork. Grading Progression The NSU ACON grading system is based on a scale of 0–100 points. The passing grade for the didactic B.S.N. nursing program is 75 points and for the graduate programs is 80 points. There are no rounding of grades. Students in the B.S.N. to D.N.P. program are graded using either the master’s or the doctoral grading scale. Students taking 5000-level courses are graded following the master’s grading scale