Master of Health Science | College of Health Care Sciences

Nova Southeastern University | 5 CURRICULUM OVERVIEW The Master of Health Science curriculum builds upon the existing knowledge base of the health care professional. The program is designed for completion in a distance-learn- ing format and requires no on-campus time. The coursework is faculty guided, using state-of-the-art, web-based delivery systems. The curriculum and coursework follow a standard 12-week term calendar. The curriculum involves completion of a minimum of 37 credits. There is some flexibility in curriculum design to accommodate the student’s overall interest, employment, and educational goals. Educational counseling and advisement are always available to assist in the planning and registration process. A multidisciplinary curriculum allows for flexibility, based on a student’s needs and objectives. The generalist concentration allows for maximum elective course availability and includes an extra core course in Health Care Management. Specialty concentrations in sports medicine, higher education, health law, forensic investigative technology, health care leadership, health care risk management/patient safety and compliance, clinical research, and bioethics are also available. While core M.H.Sc. courses remain constant, the electives and practicum courses allow students to tailor the program to their needs and professional interests. DEGREE PROGRAMS CONCENTRATIONS • Generalist 37 Credits • Sports Medicine 37 Credits • Higher Education 37 Credits • Health Care Leadership 37 Credits • Health Law 43 Credits • Health Care Risk Management/Patient 37 Credits Safety and Compliance CERTIFICATE PROGRAMS • Clinical Research Associate 15 Credits • Clinical Trial Manager 12 Credits For more detailed information on the curriculum, go to /healthsciences/mhs/generalist_curriculum.html and select your area of interest from the menu in the left margin.