HPD Student Handbook | 2019 - 2020

72 Health Professions Division 2019–2020 Students enrolled in bachelor degree programs are required to follow policies and procedures for drops and withdrawals as noted at nova.edu/undergraduatestudies/academic-catalog.html in the undergraduate catalog. Students may not be given refunds for portions of tuition paid by financial aid funds. As appropriate, the respective financial aid programs will be credited in accordance with federal regulations. Students should notify the Office of Student Financial Assistance prior to withdrawing to determine the effect this will have on financial aid. For complete withdrawals, please refer to the Return of Title IV Funds policies located at nova.edu/financialaid/apply-for-aid/title-iv-return . Failure to comply with these requirements could jeopardize future receipts of the Title IV student assistant funds at any institution of higher education the student may attend. If a student is due a refund it will be mailed to the student’s address or deposited directly into his or her checking account after the dean of the respective college has approved the withdrawal and the drop request has been processed. The tuition refund policy is subject to change at the discretion of the university’s board of trustees/the NSU administration. Changes to a semester’s registration will not be accepted 20 days after the semester ends. Short-Term Preloans The Office of Student Financial Assistance at HPD administers preloans for students who encounter emergency situations prior to receipt of financial aid refunds. Students must be enrolled for the semester, have a completed financial aid file, and must be receiving financial aid with sufficient funds to cover total charges due the university, the loan amount, and the processing fee charged. When approved, disbursement is made electronically through direct deposit within two to three business days, if the student has a direct deposit authorization on file with the Office of the University Bursar. If a direct deposit authorization is not on file, it may take up to two weeks for the student to receive the loan funds in the form of a check sent through the U.S. Postal Service. Martin and Gail Press Health Professions Division Library The Martin and Gail Press HPD Library is located on the first floor at the north end of the Terry Building Complex in the Library/Lab Building. The collection consists of more than 12,000 print volumes, 1100 electronic books, and 10,000 active medical/health journal subscriptions in both print and digital formats. Many of the available electronic texts are required textbooks in various courses. In addition, more than 200 medical/health databases are available 24/7 to meet the needs of the eight HPD colleges. All students have access to the full resources of all NSU libraries, both print and online. Medical/health databases include Medline, CINAHL, Clinical Key, Lexi-Comp, UpToDate, Web of Science, and Access Pharmacy, as well as many databases specific to individual programs. The Interlibrary Loan/Document Delivery Office will provide additional journal articles, books, and items not available digitally to any student at no cost. All resources are available through the HPD Library home page ( nova.edu/hpdlibrary ) . In addition, free notary service is available during business hours. Professional reference services are available via phone, text, email, or face to face. Seven professional librarians are available for help with searching, finding full-text journals, citation reference management,