Directory of Off-Campus Class | September 2019

Table 8: NSU State Authorizations, Regstrations and Exemptions 57. Master of Science Developmental Disabilities (M.S.)  58. Master of Science Human Services in Child Protection (M.H.S.)  59. Master of Science Criminal Justice (M.S.)  60. Master of Arts Gerontology (M.A.)  61. Doctor of Philosophy Criminal Justice (Ph.D.)  62. Master of Science College Student Affairs (M.S.)  63. Master of Science National Security Affairs (M.S.)  64. Master of Science Conflict Analysis and Resolution (M.S.)  65. Master of Arts Cross‐Disciplinary Studies (M.A.)  66. Doctor of Philosophy Conflict Analysis and Resolution (Ph.D.) Halmos College of Natural Sciences and Oceanography  67. Master of Science Coastal Zone Management (M.S.)  68. Master of Arts Marine and Coastal Studies (M.A.) 69. Graduate Certificate Computational Molecular Biology (Graduate Certificate) Shepard Broad College of Law   70. Master of Science Education Law (M.S.)  71. Master of Science Employment Law (M.S.)  72. Master of Science Health Law (M.S.)   73. Master of Science Law and Policy (M.S.)   7. Illinois  Instructional Sites Approved  1. Chicago  Please see Table 5 for the program, address and field administrators associated with this site. 8. Louisiana  Instructional Sites Approved  1. Baton Rouge  Please see Table 5 for the program, address and field administrators associated with this site.  9. Massachusetts  Instructional Sites Approved  1. Waltham  Please see Table 5 for the programs, address and field administrators associated with these  sites.  40