Directory of Off-Campus Class | September 2019

Table 8: NSU State Authorizations, Regstrations and Exemptions 6. Georgia  Instructional Sites Approved  1. College Park  2. Macon  Please see Table 5 for the programs, address and field administrators associated with these  sites.  Online Programs Approved:  Because NSU maintains instructional sites in Georgia, online programs  offered in the State must also be approved.  The regulations governing instructional sites, supersede  those of SARA.  Abraham S. Fischler College of Education 1. Bachelor of Science Education (B.S.)   (Degree program only; non certification tracks)  2. Master of Science Instructional Technology and Distance Education (M.S.)  3. Master of Science Education (M.S.)  (Degree program only; non certification tracks) 4. Education Specialist (Ed.S.)  (Degree program only; non certification tracks) 5. Doctor of Education (Ed.D.)  College of Engineering and Computing  6. Bachelor of Science Computer Information Systems (B.S.)  7. Master of Science Computer Science (M.S.)  8. Master of Science Information Security (M.S.)  9. Master of Science Information Technology (M.S.)  10. Master of Science Management Information Systems (M.S.)  11. Doctor of Philosophy Computer Science (Ph.D.)  12. Doctor of Philosophy Information Systems (Ph.D.)  13. Doctor of Philosophy Information Assurance (Ph.D.)  College of Psychology  14. Master of Science General Psychology (M.S.)  15. Master of Science Mental Health Counseling (M.S.)  16. Master of Science Counseling‐Applied Behavioral Analysis (M.S.)  17. Master of Science Counseling‐Advanced Applied Behavioral Analysis (M.S.)  18. Master of Science Substance Abuse Counseling (M.S.)  19. Master of Science Substance Abuse and Education (M.S.)  20. Master of Science Forensic Psychology  College of Health Care Sciences  21. Bachelor of Health Science (B.H.Sc.)  22. Bachelor of Science Respiratory Therapy (B.S.R.T.)  23. Master of Health Science (M.H.Sc.)  38