NSU HPD Catalog 2023-2024

Dr. Kiran C. Patel College of Osteopathic Medicine—Public Health Program 83 Course Descriptions DEM 5050—Bioterrorism and All-Hazards Preparedness This course will define the interdisciplinary roles and responsibilities of professionals, paraprofessionals, and volunteers in all-hazards emergency planning, response, mitigation, and recovery. (3 credit hours) MI 6405—Public Health Informatics Public health informatics is the systematic application of information and computer science and technology to public health practice, research, and learning. This course focuses on developing the knowledge and skills of systemic application of information, computer science, and technology to public health practice. Students will acquire a basic understanding of informatics in public health practice and be able to use some informatics tools in public health practices. Prerequisites: PUH 5301, PUH 5430 (3 credit hours) NUT 5110—Foundations of Community Nutrition This course will provide students with the principles and practices needed to identify community nutrition issues and problems, as well as how to develop interprofessional nutrition strategies and programs to alleviate and/or reduce the problems and challenges and achieve positive health outcomes. It explores the role of public health nutrition in the 21st century from a local, national, and global perspective. (3 credit hours) PUH 5004—Public Health Grant Writing Introduction to the skills of grant writing in public health. Each student will submit a grant as a culminating experience. (3 credit hours) PUH 5015—Public Health Leadership This course focuses on the concepts and dynamics of leadership in public health. It emphasizes the interactions and influence processes of leadership to effectively use problem-solving mechanisms. (3 credit hours) PUH 5016—Health Promotion Programs: Planning, Implementation, and Evaluation This course includes everything from assessing needs, setting goals and objectives, and planning activities to implementation and measuring outcomes. (3 credit hours) PUH 5017—Contemporary Issues in Public Health This course introduces the basic principles of the practice of public health at the local, regional, national, and international levels. It uncovers relevant public health topics through a combination of presentations by experts, discussions, and lectures. (3 credit hours) PUH 5110—Culture, Ethnicity, and Health Introduces students to skills and insights necessary in promoting health in diverse populations. Issues discussed include the need for effective communication, with an understanding of cultural factors and how they impact on preventive efforts, health care status, access to health care, and use and cost of health care services. The course also explores traditional modalities of health maintenance among various populations. (3 credit hours) PUH 5111—Public Health Issues of the Elderly Examines important determinants of morbidity and mortality among the aged population. Emphasizes social, cultural, economic, behavioral, and physical characteristics of importance in the design and development of appropriate prevention efforts directed at the elderly. (3 credit hours) PUH 5115—Principles of Health Education This course provides an overview of the fundamental concepts of health education, contemporary health education philosophy, and the process to become a certified health education specialist. (3 credit hours) PUH 5201—Foundations of Public Health An introduction to the history, concepts, values, principles, and practice of public health. The course suggests the sense of purpose that unites the myriad occupations and tasks in public health practice and provides an orientation to each of the five traditional “core disciplines” of public health practice. (3 credit hours) PUH 5210—Public Health Communication and Marketing The course is designed to provide a framework for conducting health communication campaigns, including planning, implementation, and evaluation. It discusses public health communication for media relations/advocacy, social media /health marketing, cross-cultural/diverse audiences, risk /crisis/emergency, research/evaluation, and ethics/law. The course explores the latest public health communication tools, technologies, and strategies. (3 credit hours) PUH 5220—Environmental and Occupational Health Investigates environmental and occupational factors that contribute to the development of health problems in industrialized and developing countries. Includes such topics as toxic substances, pests and pesticides, food quality, air and water pollution, solid and hazardous waste disposal, occupational hazards, and injury prevention. (3 credit hours)