NSU HPD Catalog 2021-2022

598 Dr. Kiran C. Patel College of Allopathic Medicine—M.D. Program Surgery (Direct Patient Care) MDCS 9014 (A–D)—Advanced Surgery Elective This elective provides senior medical students with the opportunity to spend four-weeks immersed in a surgical specialty service. Students will select their preferred specialty in advance (orthopedics, gen/vascular, plastics/ burn/reconstructive, trauma, critical care) and serve as an active member of the clinical team, working under the direct supervision of faculty members and residents. This course is designed to provide a deeper knowledge base and enhanced skill set to students interested in pursuing a career in a surgically related specialty. MDCS 9019—Undersea and Hyperbaric Medicine andWound Care Elective This course is designed to allow students to gain exposure to clinical practice in undersea and hyperbaric medicine and wound care. It will be based at the Mercy Hyperbaric and Wound Care Center, one of the highest volume hyperbaric and wound care centers in the country, and the only 24/7 emergency hyperbaric chamber in southeast Florida. The student will be exposed to the day-to-day practice of inpatient and outpatient hyperbaric medicine for routine indications, as well as inpatient and outpatient wound care, along with hyperbaric emergencies, including diving injuries. Additionally, the student will gain exposure to the principles of diving medicine through case-based discussions and didactic sessions. MDCS 9027—Plastic Surgery Elective This elective will provide an opportunity for students to experience the range of conditions encountered in the fields of adult and pediatric plastic surgery. These range from repair of congenital anomalies (cleft lip and palate, craniosynostosis, vascular malformations) to post-trauma reconstructive surgery and cosmetic plastic surgery procedures in adults. Students will have exposure to residents at some of the hospital sites where operative procedures are performed. MDCS 9032—Surgical Oncology Elective This course is designed to expose students to the field of surgical oncology, including spending time in the operating room, clinic, and multidisciplinary tumor boards. MDCS 9033—Urology Elective This course is designed to expose students to the specialty of urology. Students will be able to experience all phases of the evaluation and treatment of the urology patient. Activities will include in-office evaluation; office-based procedures, such as cystoscopy and prostate biopsy; hospital consultations; hands-on experience in the operating room (including robotic surgery and cystoscopy suite); and post-op evaluation. MDCS 9046—Orthopedic Surgery Elective This elective is designed to provide broad-based exposure to general orthopedics and spine surgery, with special emphasis on adult degenerative conditions of the joints, as well as cervical and lumbar spine. During the rotation, the student will spend approximately 50 percent of the time in an office clinical setting evaluating patients with a variety of spine and MSK pathology and 50 percent of the time in the operating roomgaining surgical experience and insight. Time distribution may vary based on surgeon’s schedule. Surgical case load will approach nearly 100 percent spine and peripheral nerve surgery. The elective will be under the direction of one surgeon. Interested students will have the opportunity to work on a quality improvement project and work with PGY-3 residents participating in their spine rotation at the WPB VA from the Larkin Orthopedic Residency Program. (There are two spine surgeons in the department and one experienced, mid-level provider covering the breadth and depth of spine surgery.) MDCS 9047—Neurosurgery/Spine Surgery Elective This elective provides students with an opportunity for exploration of the field of neurosurgery. Students will participate in operating room procedures, diagnosis and treatment of neurosurgical conditions in the emergency room, and evaluation and management of both inpatients and outpatients. The majority of surgical cases will be focused on spine surgery, though other conditions will be encountered as well, including brain tumors and stroke. Other Clinical (Direct Patient Care) MDC 9034 (A–D)—Student-Designed Clinical Elective (SDCE) This elective opportunity is for students seeking to design an individualized clinical learning experience in an area not currently offered by NSU MD or through its active affiliations. Students will identify a specific gap in their medical knowledge base/clinical skill set and create a set of learning objectives and clinical experiences related to achieving those goals. Students must identify a clinical supervisor under whose auspices and direct supervision they will work. Students will submit SDCE proposals to the Office of Medical Education for review as early as possible, at least 90 days prior to desired start date, as an affiliation agreement must be developed between NSU MD and the clinical site prior to approval. Students will be notified approximately every two weeks regarding status of their application. Clinical supervisors may not have a conflict of interest in assessing student performance (e.g., no family members) and must provide a learning environment that adheres to the AAMC Teacher-Learner compact.