NSU HPD Catalog 2021-2022

Dr. Kiran C. Patel College of Allopathic Medicine—M.D. Program 597 Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (Direct Patient Care) MDCM 9042—Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Elective This elective is designed to provide the medical student with an introduction to the field of physical medicine and rehabilitation (PM&R) with emphasis on basic assessment and management options for commonmusculoskeletal disorders and neurological conditions affecting physical function. The rotation takes place mostly in the outpatient clinic setting with opportunities to also learn in other settings, such as a nursing home or acute care hospital. Additionally, there is exposure to electrodiagnostic medicine and pain management. Pain management exposure may be increased if the student so desires. Students will have the opportunity to learn about other treatment modalities (including direct observation) for musculoskeletal pain, including physical therapy, acupuncture, and chiropractic maneuvers. Students will have exposure to residents from the Larkin Community Hospital PM&R residency program. Psychiatry (No Patient Care) MDEY 9006—Advanced Clinical Neuroscience Elective This elective builds on foundational neuroscience and behavioral health concepts introduced during the NSU MD Brain, Body, Behavior preclinical course. Students will examine how neuroscience is transforming our understanding of mental health and illness. Students will review functional neuroanatomy and explore the neurobiology of trauma, psychosis, pain, addiction, cognition, resilience, and personal wellness. Students will apply their knowledge through group activities and clinical cases and be introduced to cutting-edge developments in the field of neuropsychiatry. While this course will use psychiatric disorders and cases to apply concepts, it is intended for anyone interested in the biological underpinnings of behavior. MDEY 9009—Psychiatry Through Media Elective This course explores topics in psychiatry through the use of fictional and nonfictional works in television and film, including societal conceptualization of mental health, stigma against mental illness, experiences of people facingmental illness, and the effect psychiatry has had on social movements in history. Students will be introduced to the technique of mindmapping, a graphical way to represent ideas and concepts. Students will be instructed to create and share their mind maps with group members to enrich reflection on viewed works. Psychiatry (Direct Patient Care) MDCY 9016—Advanced Psychiatry Elective This elective provides senior medical students with the opportunity to spend four-weeks immersed in a psychiatry specialty service. Students will serve as an active member of the clinical team on either the psychiatry consult service, the psychiatry inpatient service, or both. Students will be working under the direct supervision of faculty members and residents. This course is designed to provide a deeper knowledge base and enhanced skill set to students interested in pursuing it to improve clinical skills for treating patients with mental illness. Radiology (No Patient Care) MDER 9002—Radiology Elective The radiology elective introduces students to various modalities in diagnostic imaging by focusing on integration with clinical reasoning. The course provides an introduction to, and overview of, the major subspecialties in radiology: body imaging, neuroradiology, nuclear medicine, musculoskeletal imaging, pediatric imaging, breast imaging, and interventional radiology. Students are expected to formulate differential diagnoses based on image interpretation and gain a basic understanding of appropriate image ordering. Radiology (Direct Patient Care) MDCR 9030—Radiation Oncology Elective This course is designed to expose students to the field of radiation oncology; including the opportunity to see both outpatient and inpatient consultations, on-treatment patients, follow-up patients, treatment planning, and SRS/SBRT/HDR brachytherapy procedures performed both in the OR and in the university’s CT simulation room. MDCR 9031—Advanced Clinical Radiology Elective This course is designed to offer a focused radiology deep dive learning experience, emphasizing two specific radiology subspecialties selected from chest, cardiac, breast, body, musculoskeletal, neuro, trauma, interventional, and nuclear medicine. The student will create an individualized learning plan depending on the chosen areas, including participation in the acquisition and interpretation of medical imaging, planning and performing of image-guided procedures, and involvement in multidisciplinary tumor boards working with residents, faculty members, and technologists. These experiences will be complemented by self-paced learning relevant to the particular radiology subspecialty domains. By the end of the rotation, each student will be expected to generate a presentation for submission as a poster at a medical conference or publication as a case report.