NSU HPD Catalog 2021-2022

572 Ron and Kathy Assaf College of Nursingto concept/theory development, analysis, and evaluation are examined and applied. The course explores the linkages among theory, research, and practice in the development of nursing knowledge and prepares students to select a theoretical framework for testing in their dissertation. (3 semester hours) NSG 7020—Health Care Policy and Advocacy This course provides a holistic overview of health care policy planning from development to implementation. Students will apply current evidence to analyze and evaluate health care policy frameworks from the perspective of professional, political, social, and regulatory issues. They will examine the current U.S. health care systembased on public and governmental interests and will explore the role of the doctorally prepared nurse as an advocate and leader in the integration of health care policies into practice. (3 semester hours) NSG 7030—Leadership in Nursing In this course, Ph.D. nursing students examine their future role as stewards of the discipline and leaders in the field. They explore several evidence-based leadership frameworks to assess their strengths and areas to develop additional skills. A focus is on how leadership is required to research, develop, and evaluate interventions and improve outcomes in diverse practice environments. Students consider how they will utilize leadership strategies to become powerful contributors and influencers in the field. (3 semester hours) NSG 7131—Epidemiology: Advancing Global Health This course provides students with a foundation in clinical prevention and global population health. Students are introduced to culturally proficient care in response to societal needs to improve health care outcomes for individuals and populations. The course integrates clinical prevention, screening, behavior change, self-care, disease management, and cultural competency related to the health of populations globally. An emphasis is placed on evidencebased clinical prevention and improving population health. (3 semester hours) NSG 7135—Health Care Information Systems and Outcomes Management This course focuses on the interprofessional collaborative role of the Doctor of Nursing Practice (D.N.P.) in selecting, using, and evaluating clinical and administrative information system technologies in health care organizations. Students will explore processes used for collection, analysis, and tracking of quality and safety data. They will explore issues, policies, processes, and standards applicable to the analysis, use, and tracking of quality and safety data. Emerging health care information technologies and methods for collecting appropriate and accurate data for evidence-based practice will be examined. Evaluation of consumer health information technology resources and tools for credibility and health literacy will be explored. (3 semester hours) NSG 7140—Theories of Education This course is designed to enhance the student’s knowledge and application of educational theory. The relationship between nursing theory and educational theory is explored. Methods to test educational theories will be evaluated. (3 semester hours) NSG 7150—Instructional Design and CurriculumDevelopment This course examines the process of curriculum development from faculty and administrative viewpoints. The relationship of learning theory to curriculum and instructional design is explored. Curricula are analyzed within the context of accreditation standards and program evaluation. Instructional design models are assessed for applicability to a nursing course. Amethod to generate evidence related to instructional strategies is developed. (3 semester hours) NSG 7151—Leading Change in Health Care Systems This course addresses change in response to salient issues in health care systems. These issues include the development and enactment of health policy and the challenges of linking research and clinical care with public and private policy agendas. There is a focus on the role of the nurse leader in developing practice partnerships, making decisions and using data to drive those decisions, identifying solutions, and providing solutions for the challenges to the implementation of evidence-based policy. (3 semester hours) NSG 7210—Evidence-Based Evaluation This course focuses on the exploration of the state of evaluation in today’s educational settings as they relate to nursing education. Critical assessment of issues related to evaluation in various educational environments is included. The integration and utilization of various evaluation methods in the curriculum is studied. Students will analyze, synthesize, and propose research on assessment and evaluation in nursing education. (3 semester hours) NSG 7211—Economic Knowledge and Impact This course addresses applying economic principles and examines some of the economic forces that shape the health care system. Students learn the role of economics in resource allocation and analyze the resources used in health care by identifying the health care services needed for productivity. The course explores health care delivery systems, quality, and policies that affect access to care with financing and delivery. The role of stakeholders who have an interest in health care. including government, medical insurers, health care providers, and patients, are explored to develop research outcomes. The role of those stakeholders are investigated. (3 semester hours) NSG 7220—Higher Education Leadership This online course focuses on a variety of topics of importance to nursing leaders in higher education. Students will examine