NSU HPD Catalog 2021-2022

Ron and Kathy Assaf College of Nursing 569 NSG 5360—Nurse Educator Practicum This course addresses two distinct foci for the nurse educator: role preparation in both academic and health care settings and development of in-depth knowledge and expertise in a particular area of nursing. For the educator-role focus, students will analyze, synthesize, and utilize concepts of education. For the clinical-expertise focus, students will apply advanced conceptual knowledge in graduate-level clinical practice experiences. Students work directly with preceptors to fulfill clinical and educational objectives. (3 semester hours) NSG 5370—Introduction to Educational Concepts This course examines the conceptual basis and evidencebased educational research for teaching and learning. The relationships between learning outcomes, learning styles, instructional strategies, assignments, and activities in educational environments are identified. Strategies for promoting student success and classroom management are examined. Various educational environments are explored. Legal and ethical considerations of instruction are included. (3 semester hours) NSG 5380—Educational Concepts I: Principles of Evaluation This course focuses onmethods to assess and evaluate learning outcomes in various educational environments. Evidencebased educational research that supports evaluation is explored. Legal and ethical aspects impacting evaluations are discussed. (3 semester hours) NSG 5460—Quality Initiatives: Transforming Care This course prepares the student with the knowledge and skills to promote safe, effective, timely, efficient, equitable, culturally responsive, patient-centered care. The course will focus on the trending of patient safety, quality, and risk management data over time by the use of performance improvement tools that provide analysis and assist with the future direction of the health care organization. (3 semester hours) NSG 5471—Business and Economics of Health Care This course introduces the student to basic economic concepts, principles, and theories used to analyze and evaluate a variety of health care issues. Students will utilize knowledge and skills to evaluate U.S. and international health care systems. (3 semester hours) NSG 5492—Executive Nurse Leadership Nurse Practicum Students analyze, synthesize, and utilize all prior courses in a practice environment. The course provides an opportunity to combine beginning research skills, theoretical knowledge, and professional nursing experience to engage in graduate-level nursing activities in a specialty area. In this learning experience, students implement projects that reflect their mastery of all program outcomes. (3 semester hours) NSG 5502—Advanced Health Assessment This course is required core content for students in the nurse practitioner and nurse educator advanced practice specialization tracts. This course builds upon baccalaureate knowledge and clinical mastery of health and physical assessment. Comprehensive physical, psychosocial, spiritual, and cultural assessments of individuals across the life span are emphasized. Clinical disease prevention and population health promotion are incorporated into the assessment process. Assessment criteria are appreciated as underpinnings of differential diagnoses and plans of care. (3 semester hours) NSG 5510—Advanced Pharmacology Students develop an advanced understanding of pharmacologic principles, which includes the cellular-response level. This area of core content includes both pharmacotherapeutics and pharmacokinetics of broad categories of pharmacologic agents. The purpose of this content is to provide the knowledge and skills to assess, diagnose, manage, and prescribe the appropriate pharmacologic agents in common health problems with a safe, exceptional quality and in a cost-effective manner. (3 semester hours) NSG 5531—Advanced Pathophysiology This course focuses on the pathophysiological concepts that serve as primary components of the foundation for clinical assessment, decision making, and management for advanced nursing practice. Changes associated with individuals of different racial origins, genders, and points across the life span are included. (3 semester hours) NSG 5532—Neurobiology Psychopharmacology This course lays the groundwork for advanced practice nurses caring for individuals with mental disorders and/or substance use disorders. It builds on fundamental knowledge of anatomy and pathophysiology, reflecting current scientific knowledge of the neurobiology of serious mental illness. The course will focus on the application of psychopharmacology to clinical problems and factors underlying causality of these disorders, such as genetic or genomic factors, injury, trauma, and infection, as well as nerve degeneration. The complex networks involved in maintaining homeostasis between the brain and body will be examined. Indications for use of psychotropic medications, informed consent, and patient adherence strategies are also considered. (3 semester hours) NSG 5542—Primary Care: Adult I This course focuses on the theoretical concepts of health promotion and disease prevention in adults in the primary care setting. It examines acute illnesses and initial presentation of diseases the advanced practice nurse will see in primary care. Students will develop a systematic approach to evaluation and management of common conditions encountered. Content builds upon previous knowledge and clinical reasoning in