NSU HPD Catalog 2021-2022

44 Dr. Kiran C. Patel College of Osteopathic Medicine—Osteopathic Medicine Program COM 7132 Pediatrics II Rotation 8.0 COM 7151 Rural and Urban Underserved Medicine I Rotation 8.0 COM 7152 Rural and Urban Underserved Medicine II Rotation 8.0 Total: 96.0 M4 Summer/Fall/Winter Terms—Core Clinical Rotation Credit Hours COM 8095 Emergency Medicine Rotation 8.0 Total: 8.0 Summer/Fall/Winter Terms—Elective and Selective Rotations Credit Hours COM 8000 M4 Elective Rotations 48.0 This course encompasses the 48 weeks of electives that are required in the fourth year of medical school. During this time, students may choose from a variety of medical specialties and subspecialties, but may not do more than 12 weeks in the same specific discipline. COM 8006 Internal Medicine or Neurology Selective 8.0 (Must select one of the following.) • Internal Medicine (Selective #1) (choose a subspecialty) • Cardiovascular Disease • Clinical Cardiac Electrophysiology • Critical Care Medicine • Endocrine, Diabetes, and Metabolism • Gastroenterology • Hematology and/or Oncology • Infectious Disease • Interventional Cardiology • Nephrology • Pulmonary Disease • Pulmonary Disease and Critical Care Medicine • Rheumatology • Neurology COM 8093 Geriatrics Selective 8.0 COM 8153 Rural and Urban Underserved Medicine Selective 8.0 Total: 72.0 Fall/Winter Terms—Required Courses Credit Hours COM 8004 Senior Seminar 1.0 COM 8007 Come Home Day III (fall) 1.0 COM 8008 Come Home Day IV (winter) 1.0 Total: 3.0