NSU HPD Catalog 2021-2022

Ron and Kathy Assaf College of Nursing—Doctor of Nursing Practice 553 Attendance at the Fort Lauderdale/Davie Campus for the two–three days of the Summer Institute is required at the end of May/beginning of June. D.N.P. Courses Semester Hours NSG 7020 Health Care Policy and Advocacy 3 NSG 7131 Epidemiology: Advancing Global Health 3 NSG 7135 Health Care Information Systems and Outcomes Management 3 NSG 7300 D.N.P. Roles 3 NSG 7350 Leading in Complex Health Care Systems 3 NSG 7400 Nursing Science for Clinical Practice 3 NSG 7431 Project I: Mentored Scholarship* 3 NSG 7444 Project II: Project Plan* 3 NSG 7445 Project III: Implementation* 3 NSG 7451 Project IV: Evaluation* 3 NSG 7500 Translating Evidence for Clinical Practice 3 HPH 7300 Biostatistics I 3 Minimum Total Semester Hours 36 *These courses are practice-immersion courses that help students become experts in a practice field while the project is completed. Each course requires a minimum of 150 clinical practice hours. Students may focus on a direct care role or an aggregate/systems/organizational role such as informatics, nursing administration, or community health. DNP graduates are required to complete 1,100 clinical practice hours. Prior to starting NSG 7451 Project IV: Evaluation, 500 clinical practice hours post Bachelor of Science in Nursing must be completed. These hours may be credited from the M.S.N. program, but must be verified by the university where the student completed the M.S.N. Hours may also be achieved by taking NSG 7460 Scholarly Inquiry in Clinical Practice until the 500 hours are completed. All but 150 of the required 1,100 clinical hours must be completed prior to starting NSG 7451 Project IV: Evaluation. If an applicant is an R.N. or B.S.N. with a master’s degree in another health-related field, the applicant may enroll in a transitional course, NSG 7299—Transition to D.N.P., to meet M.S.N. essentials prior to the start of D.N.P. coursework. This course is only offered in the fall semester. Students will work with an adviser to plan their individual program of study. B.S.N.–D.N.P.—Nursing Education Semester Hours NSG 5531 Advanced Pathophysiology 3 NSG 5220 Health Promotion and Disease Prevention 3 NSG 7460 Scholarly Inquiry in Clinical Practice* 3 NSG 7300 D.N.P. Roles 3 CurriculumOutlines