NSU HPD Catalog 2021-2022

548 Ron and Kathy Assaf College of Nursing—Master of Science in Nursing—Advanced Practice Registered Nurse NSG 5650 Adult-Gerontology: Acute Care III 6 (150 clinical hours) NSG 5660 Adult-Gerontology: Acute Care Practicum 6 (150 practicum hours) Total Adult-Gerontology Acute Care Nurse Practitioner Semester Hours 36 In addition to the core M.S.N. courses, the following courses are required to complete the M.S.N.—Advanced Practice Registered Nurse, Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse Practitioner program: M.S.N.—Advanced Practice Registered Nurse, PMHNP* Semester Hours NSG 5531 Advanced Pathophysiology 3 NSG 5532 Neurobiology Psychopharmacology 3 NSG 5510 Advanced Pharmacology 3 NSG 5502 Advanced Health Assessment 3 NSG 5710 Psychiatric Management I: Psychopathology and the DSM V 6 (150 clinical hours) NSG 5720 P sychiatric Management II: Developmental Theories for Child and Adolescent Mental Health 6 (150 clinical hours) NSG 5730 Psychiatric Management III: Modalities of Psychotherapy 6 (150 clinical hours) NSG 5790 P sychiatric Care Management: Integration Practicum 6 (150 practicum hours) Total Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse Practitioner Credits 36 *Courses progress in lock-step order. Postgraduate Certificate—Family Nurse Practitioner Semester I Semester Hours NSG 5542 Primary Care: Adult I 6 (150 clinical hours) Semester II NSG 5550 Primary Care: Adult II 6 (150 clinical hours) Semester III NSG 5560 Primary Care: Women 3 (75 clinical hours) NSG 5580 Primary Care: Pediatrics 3 (75 clinical hours) Semester IV NSG 5590 Family Nurse Practitioner Practicum 6 (150 practicum hours)