NSU HPD Catalog 2021-2022

542 Ron and Kathy Assaf College of Nursing—Master of Science in Nursing—Traditional CurriculumOutline Core Courses Semester Hours NSG 5000 Advanced Nurse Roles 3 NSG 5101 Theory and Research 3 NSG 5111 Evidence and Practice 3 NSG 5220 Health Promotion and Disease Prevention 3 NSG 5130 Health Care Policy and Leadership 3 Total Core Semester Hours 15 In addition to the core M.S.N. courses, the following courses are required to complete the M.S.N. in Nursing Education concentration: M.S.N. Education Courses Semester Hours NSG 5300 Nursing Curriculum Development 3 NSG 5502 Advanced Health Assessment 3 NSG 5510 Advanced Pharmacology 3 for credit, a course must have been taken at an accredited graduate program and be the equivalent of a course offered in the NSU student’s chosen concentration. The student must have earned a grade of B or higher in the course. The student must submit the syllabus of any course he or she is seeking credit for directly to the program director to assure course equivalency. Additional documentationmay be required by the program director before credit may be granted. Only courses completed prior to matriculation in the M.S.N. programwill be considered for transfer credit. Progression Requirements Students are required to be continuously enrolled in the program, taking at least one graduate course each term. All courses must be completed with a minimum grade of B- for credit to be received toward the M.S.N. degree. A course may be repeated once if a grade less than B- is obtained. Only one repeated course can be applied toward the M.S.N. degree. A second course with a grade less than B- will preclude completion of the program and the student will be dismissed from the program. Students in the M.S.N. Traditional program who have been dismissedmay petition the programdirector for reinstatement if a year has passed since the dismissal. The applicant is required to present adequate evidence that the factors that caused the prior inadequate academic performance have changed significantly so that there is reasonable expectation that the applicant can perform satisfactorily if permitted to resume his or her study. Readmission will be at the discretion of the program director. Graduation Requirements To receive an M.S.N. Traditional degree, all students must fulfill the following requirements: • satisfactorily complete the program requirements for the degree, including all required courses • a ttain aminimum cumulative GPA of 3.0, with no course with a grade lower than B- applied toward the degree • have satisfactorily met all financial and library obligations • a pply for graduation (attendance at graduation ceremonies is not a requirement for the Traditional M.S.N. program because all courses are completed fully online; however, the department encourages attendance at graduation)