NSU HPD Catalog 2021-2022

532 College of Dental Medicine—Postdoctoral Programs Master of Science Program The Master of Science (M.S.) Program of the College of Dental Medicine (CDM) provides advanced education in study design and research methodology that culminates in a thesis. This program provides graduates with a foundation for academic careers and a better understanding of oral biology and the scientific basis of clinical dentistry. Typically, integrating clinical specialty training with the M.S. requires up to three years for completion. According to the American Dental Association Foundation, the quality of dental education in the United States serves as a standard for the remainder of the world. As such, maintaining the quality of future facultymembers teaching in dental schools is of utmost importance. Currently, there is a significant lack of academic training for future dental academicians, especially those trained in both clinical and academic dentistry. Moreover, there are many unfilled, funded faculty positions available in U.S. dental schools. The research and thesis experiences of this program require graduates to develop critical thinking, enabling them to more readily pursue research activities and academic careers. A student graduating from this program will, therefore, have many opportunities to pursue a career in academics, as well as in the private sector. One of themain characteristics of the Master of Science Program is the mentee/mentor collaborative relationship. Mentors not only provide guidance for student’s research efforts, but they are also faculty role models who exemplify the pursuit of academic careers within dentistry and other health professions. The collaborative efforts of mentee and mentor provide students with firsthand insights of an academic or research career. This programprovides the dental professional graduate student with an overall knowledge of health sciences research. It is expected that a graduate from this programwill be qualified to work at any university in the United States or abroad. Students enrolled concurrently in both an advanced dental education certificate program and the M.S. programmust not allow requirements of the master’s degree program to interfere with their responsibilities and requirements in the advanced dental education program. It is expected that students’ activities related to the M.S. program will complement their dental education certificate programs and that they will exercise sound judgment in time-management to excel in both programs. Students are encouraged to initiate their master’s degree research study early in their certificate program. Historically, completion of the Master of Science Program coincided with completion of the student’s clinical certificate program. However, it should be noted that students do have a limit of up to five years from the date of matriculation into their respective certificate program to fulfill all of the requirements of the Master of Science Program. Students currently enrolled in the certificate programs in the department of orthodontics must complete the requirements of the M.S. program in partial fulfillment of the graduation requirements of their certificate program. Students enrolled in any of the other CDM advanced dental education certificate programs must seek the approval of their respective advanced dental education program director to participate in this program. All students seeking to enroll in the M.S. program must submit the NSU Master of Science application to the program as soon as possible after matriculation into their respective certificate programs. While the advanced dental education program directors must monitor students’ activities in their respective advanced dental education certificate programs, the master’s degree program director must approve and monitor students’ activities in their M.S. program. The advanced dental education program directors and the master’s degree program director will work together to monitor students’ overall educational activities in these two concurrent programs. Admissions Requirements Those applying for entry into the Master of Science Program as full, degree-seeking candidates must meet the following eligibility requirements: 1. Applicants must have matriculated in a CDM clinical training program. 2. Applicants are required to submit a 250- to 300-word letter of interest in this program articulating their career plan, capabilities, and area(s) of scientific interest, along with two letters of reference from individuals familiar with the candidate’s aptitude to perform adequately at a graduate level. 3. Applicants must complete and submit the application for admission to the program and submit a description of their proposed research projects. Application Procedures Applicants must send all of the following required materials to Nova Southeastern University Enrollment Processing Services College of Dental Medicine, Office of Admissions 3301 College Avenue, P.O. Box 299000 Fort Lauderdale, FL 33329-9905 1. the completed College of Dental Medicine application 2. a nonrefundable application fee of $50