NSU HPD Catalog 2021-2022

College of Dental Medicine—Postdoctoral Programs 523 exposed to concepts of surrogates and true endpoints, bias and confounding assessing the effectiveness of treatments, and conflicts of interest in published research. Published literature is used as a basis for developing critical review skills and application of concepts during discussion. CDM 7664—Operative Dentistry, Advanced Review Course This lecture course presents the topic of diagnosis and treatment of carious lesions and other hard tissue defects, principles of direct restorative dentistry, and fundamental concepts in the practice of restorative dentistry. The lecture component, in conjunction with the laboratory component, provides the foundation for the student to utilize the same knowledge and techniques that will be used in clinical application. CDM 7667—Fixed Prosthodontics Review Course This course is designed to standardize and elevate first-year advanced operative dentistry residents’ clinical and laboratory knowledge. The crown and fixed partial denture (FPD) section provides the techniques and skills required to prepare and fabricate diagnostic wax-ups, single crowns, and fixed partial dentures. CDM 7668—Introduction to Implant Prosthetics Review Course This course is designed to introduce the basic concepts and principles related to dental implants as pertains to implant prosthetics. The course format includes lecture, reading assignment materials, and hands-on activities. CDM 5001—Graduate Dental Biomaterials This is a course designed to provide a fundamental understanding of dental materials. Most dental professionals are not familiar withmaterials science terminology, definitions, and concepts that are required to select, manipulate, and evaluate the extraordinary range of dental materials products. This course treats structure and property relationships for metals, ceramics, polymers, and composites, as well as application-related information. It should form a framework to ensure that each student is capable of understanding the full complement of new products developed each year. CDM 7666—CAD/CAM Restorative Dentistry This combined lecture and laboratory course in CAD/CAM restorative dentistry presents the theory and practical application of high-tech dentistry. Students will learn the about the various systems for digital impression making and manufacture of restorations in the computer-assisted practice of the 21st century, including the CEREC (Sirona), E4D (D4D), Encode (Biomet 3i), Lava COS (3M), Itero (Kadent), etc. The laboratory component of the course will incorporate preparing teeth, as well as making impressions for natural teeth and implants and completing the final restoration. CDM 7665—Academic Career in Operative Dentistry This course will provide graduate students with the opportunity to gain experience in teaching. Students will be exposed to teaching experiences by participating in the undergraduate program. Opportunities to lecture, supervise preclinical and clinical activities, and prepare didactic material will be offered to students with the objective of helping to develop the skills and experiences needed in an academic career. Second-Year Courses CDM 7661—Advanced Operative Dentistry Clinic Students will incorporate the knowledge gained from didactic studies as they provide clinical services and dental restorations for patients by using caries risk analysis, diagnosis, prevention, fluoride, sealants, oral hygiene instructions, amalgam, resin composites, ceramic, metals, glass ionomers, tooth-whitening procedures, remineralization techniques, laser diagnosis, and minimally invasive surgical procedures. The philosophy of the course is based on the medical model of caries management that includes caries risk assessment and formulation of the preventive treatment plan. The department stresses the importance of early diagnosis of both primary and secondary caries and those steps necessary to encourage reversal of those lesions before resorting to an irreversible surgical procedure. When surgical procedures are indicated, they will be performed following evidence-based standardized techniques taught in preclinical courses. The overlying goals of this course are restoration to health of the dental patient and the prevention of future dental caries. CDM 7701—Advanced Treatment Planning The advanced dental treatment planning course applies the principles and guidelines for comprehensive dental treatment planning for in-classroom patients’ case-based presentations and group discussions. Postgraduate residents are expected to identify multidisciplinary cases on the clinic floor for a diagnostic work up including photographic documentation, mounted casts, and diagnostic wax-ups for the elaboration of treatment plans that will be presented in PowerPoint format and followed by class discussion. CDM 7420—Literature Review Seminar This is a continual weekly seminar devoted to the review of classic operative dentistry and related literature and discussion of research methods. Selected articles in a particular topic are carefully reviewed and analyzed. The residents learn to critically read and evaluate the scientific evidence that supports advanced restorative dentistry principles and practice. CDM 7669—Academic Career in Operative Dentistry This course will provide graduate students with the opportunity to gain experience in teaching. Students will be exposed to teaching experiences by participating in the undergraduate program. Opportunities to lecture, supervise preclinical and