NSU HPD Catalog 2023-2024

508 College of Dental Medicine CDM 3175 and CDM 4175—QA Rotation D3 and D4 students will perform periodic patient exams, including annual periodontal charting, medical/dental history review and update, caries risk assessment, and necessary radiographs for dental hygiene recare patients at the Davie clinic, and at off-site Comprehensive Care clinics. Students will review charts prior to clinic sessions in order to familiarize themselves with patients’ previous care. Preventive treatment protocols will be reviewed and assessed for patient compliance, and restorative treatment outcomes will be observed and reviewed with faculty members. This will provide students with opportunities to duplicate the periodic dental hygiene treatment/dental exam experience of that in private practice. CDM 3241—Comprehensive Treatment Planning This course is designed to continue with the didactics of comprehensive dental treatment planning while integrating computer training using the electronic health record software system. The course will begin reviewing the patient’s screening admission and data collection process and will continue with all the phases and sequencing of dental treatment planning. Practice management and ethical issues in treatment planning will also be discussed during the course. Students will have the opportunity to interact with faculty members and other classmates during patient case-based group discussions and seminars. CDM 3500—Clinical Restorative Dentistry II Under direct supervision of faculty members, in a team leader model, the student will incorporate the knowledge gained from didactic courses to provide comprehensive patient care. Following the medical model of caries management and principles of minimally invasive dentistry, the student will provide clinical services and dental restorations for patients using caries risk assessment, diagnosis, prevention, oral hygiene instruction, fluoride, sealants, laser diagnosis, remineralization techniques, tooth whitening procedures amalgam, resin composites, and glass ionomers. In addition to developing the student’s skills in performing evidencebased restorative procedures, the overlying objectives of this course are restoration to health of the dental patient and the prevention of future dental caries for the patient. CDM 4001—Honors Peer Tutoring IV The Honors Peer Tutoring courses will provide an opportunity for NSU dental students who achieved a grade of 90 or higher in CDM predoctoral course(s) to assist colleague dental students with acquisition, review, understanding, reinforcement, knowledge, and skills content in the respective D1, D2, and D3 courses. The peer tutor will be provided with background information on process, expectations, and resource information to effectively facilitate provision of individual peer tutoring for students seeking peer tutoring assistance. This is an additional resource, not a substitute resource, for students seeking faculty expertise in learning needs. CDM 4002—Applied Patient Care Foundations II This course is designed to evaluate and assess the student’s ability to provide comprehensive patient care in a professional and ethical manner utilizing sound clinical judgment. Proper patient management skills, including organization, preparedness, and the ability to work independently, will also be assessed. Record keeping and the ability to follow instructions are integral skills evaluated in this course as well. CDM 4015—Externship and Practice Management Honors This honors course is a week-long, nonclinical, externship experience for senior dental students. Students will have the opportunity to experience an established, fast-paced, privatepractice setting, gaining first-hand insights and knowledge on all the nonclinical elements of a dental practice. They will have the opportunity to assist, observe, and discuss complex clinical cases with an experienced dental provider. CDM 4060—Practice Management This course is a continuum of information supporting the understanding of the dental profession, with an emphasis on the business of dentistry, practice management, and medical/ legal issues. Discussions about various practice models, business entities, taxation, accounting, and insurance options will be presented. CDM 4120—Regional Board Preparation This course consists of a lecture and laboratory series that presents an overview of useful clinical techniques for students who will be taking various regional board dental examinations. The course presents didactic material as well as hands-on clinical simulation of examination parameters for procedures included in various regional board exams. Successful completion of this course should assist students taking regional board exams, but does not guarantee a passing grade on any regional board examination taken by a student. CDM 4222—Laser Dentistry Elective The curriculum for this basic-level course includes education in the fundamental principles of laser use in dentistry, the use of lasers in multiple dental disciplines, and safety aspects of laser use. CDM 4240—Advanced Treatment Planning This course applies the principles and guidelines for comprehensive dental treatment planning for multidisciplinary complex cases. Senior students are expected to recognize these advanced cases and understand treatment planning sequences utilizing skills and methodology previously developed in the D2 and D3 treatment planning courses. The course will be composed of interactive lectures and small-group discussions. CDM 4500—Clinical Restorative Dentistry Under direct supervision of faculty members, in a team leader model, the student will gain more experience in providing