NSU HPD Catalog 2021-2022

492 College of Dental Medicine Fall 2021—D1, Class of 2025 Contact Laboratory Credit Hours CDM 1000 Anatomy Lecture/Laboratory 48 34 5 CDM 1015 Clinical Experience I 2 6 1 CDM 1025 Dental Biochemistry and Nutrition 84 0 5 CDM 1030 Histology 36 36 3 CDM 1050 Ethics and Professionalism 18 0 1 CDM 1070 Periodontology I Lecture (continued in Winter 2022—D1) 7 0 1 CDM 1205 Primary Care and Public Health I (continued in Winter 2022—D1) 8 0 1 CDM 1110 Dental Microbiology 45 0 3 CDM 1135 Multidisciplinary Introduction to Dental Record Keeping (continued in Winter 2022—D1) 1 2 1 CDM 1203 Evidence-Based Dentistry I 8 0 1 CDM 1155 Integrated Restorative Dental Sciences I Lecture 74 0 5 2021–2022 CurriculumOutline Calculations based on an 18-week semester (subject to change) • have successfully completed all assigned curriculum requirements for the D.M.D. degree with a numerical average of 70 percent or higher for students graded on a numerical grade system, and a GPA of C (2.0) or higher for students graded on the alpha letter system • have passed the National Board Dental Examination (NBDE) Part I or CDM-designated comprehensive exam • have satisfactorily met all financial and library obligations • have attended, in person, the commencement program at which the D.M.D. degree is awarded • have complied with any other university or Health Professions Division graduation requirements Degrees are not awarded solely upon the completion of any prescribed number of courses or upon passing a prescribed number of examinations but, in addition, when the faculty believes that the student has attained sufficient maturity of thought and proficiency. Matriculation and enrollment do not guarantee the issuance of a degree without satisfactorily meeting the aforementioned curriculum and degree requirements. Course of Study NSU’s College of Dental Medicine embodies a comprehensive didactic and group practice clinic model curriculum designed to graduate competent and compassionate clinicians devoted to comprehensive primary care of each patient. The college is closely allied with Nova Southeastern University’s College of Osteopathic Medicine and the other health professions colleges of the NSU Health Professions Division, in proximity as well as in academic collaboration. Early introduction into clinical settings under the preceptorship of faculty members will enable the student to achieve a better understanding of the dynamics of the patient/dentist relationship. It also will reinforce classroom instruction in basic and behavioral sciences to allow for management and delivery of quality dental health care as a component of total body health. Students will be taught the importance of teamwork in an efficient, modern health care delivery system.