NSU HPD Catalog 2020-2021

NSU Health Professions Division III NSU COVID-19 Return of the Sharks Protocol Nova Southeastern University (NSU) considers the health, safety, and well-being of its students and community to be one of its top priorities. In the midst of these unprecedented pandemic conditions, NSU continues to follow federal, state, and local guidelines to put in place extensive provisions and protocols to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 in NSU facilities and locations. NSU takes its responsibilities seriously, and the university counts on its students to take their responsibility to comply with safety practices and protocols seriously as well, understanding that some risks lie outside of anyone’s control. NSU cannot guarantee a completely COVID-19-free environment. However, to address the health and safety of the NSU community and reduce the risk of transmission of the COVID-19 virus, NSU has created policies and protocols for mitigating the spread of COVID-19. Taking steps to mitigate the risk of COVID-19 infections at NSU is a shared responsibility. It is critical that all students adhere to these policies and protocols, as well as national, state, and local guidelines, for their own well-being and the well-being of those around them. Students are expected to comply with the NSU safety policies and protocols related to COVID-19, including the protocols set forth in the Return of the Sharks Student Guide . Residential life students are also required to comply with the Addendum to the 2020–2021 Residential Life and Housing Contract and the Residential Life COVID-19 Preparedness Guide , which include additional health and safety protocols and policies specific to residential life. The NSU policies and protocols for responding to COVID-19 may be updated at any time, as additional information about COVID-19 is obtained, and/or as additional guidance is issued from federal, state, and local governmental bodies and agencies. As such, students are responsible for continuing tomonitor their NSU email for any updates to their college handbook, as well as nova.edu/ehs/cv19-resources/index.html for additional updates. Failure to comply with the NSU safety policies and protocols related to COVID-19 may result in immediate removal from campus and a referral to the Office of the Vice President of Student Affairs, or the applicable college/academic program, for disciplinary action in accordance with the university’s Code of Student Conduct and Academic Responsibility. By returning to any NSU campus, as well as living in NSU housing or sponsored housing, students assume the risk of exposure to certain dangers, including, but not limited to, possible exposure to communicable diseases such as the COVID-19 virus. COVID-19 is a highly infectious, potentially life-threatening disease declared by the World Health Organization to be a global pandemic. There is no current vaccine available to the public for COVID-19. The disease’s highly contagious nature means that contact with others, or contact with surfaces that have been exposed to the virus, can lead to infection. Additionally, individuals who may have been infected with the COVID-19 virus may be asymptomatic for a period of time, or may never become symptomatic at all. Because of its highly contagious and sometimes “hidden” nature, it is currently very difficult to control the spread of COVID-19 or to determine whether, where, or how a specific individual may have been exposed to the disease. Again, you have NSU’s commitment to continually enhance its efforts to maintain a safer environment. However, by making the decision to return to any NSU campus or reside in NSU housing or sponsored housing, each student is acknowledging that he or she fully understands the risks associated with COVID-19 and is doing so freely and voluntarily. We are all in this together as we all commit to follow proper, known protocols to better contain COVID-19 here in our shared community.