NSU HPD Catalog 2021-2022

426 Dr. Pallavi Patel College of Health Care Sciences—Department of Physical Therapy PHT 7510—Designing Educational Material for the Web This course explores current concepts and principles of designing educational material for the web. Through “discovery learning,” students develop principles of multimedia design for the web, identify best and worst websites based on those principles, apply the newly acquired design principles to the development of individual home pages, and create a webbased course using Blackboard. (3 credits) PHT 7700—Advanced Clinical Competency I Students will enroll in an advanced clinical course of their choice. The course may be offered by the physical therapy program or in the form of a clinical certificate that is approved by the Doctoral Committee. (3 credits) PHT 7710—Advanced Clinical Competency II A project in the area of chosen clinical competency will be completed under the direction or agreement of the assigned mentor. (3 credits) PHT 7740—Comprehensive Examination Students in the Ph.D. program in physical therapy must take and pass the comprehensive examination (pass/fail) to be eligible to start the dissertation phase. To be eligible to take the examination, all core courses must be completed. The examination includes questions related to research, ethical and legal issues, health care policies, and professional issues. The student has six hours to complete the examination without using any resources. (0 credit)* PHT 7800—Dissertation Supervised, original project on a physical therapy-related topic will be completed under the supervision of the Dissertation Committee. (16 credits)* PHT 7801—Research Seminar This sequence of four, one credit courses is intended to prepare the student for the processes of analysis and understanding of the research literature, which is crucial to the dissertation process. These courses designed as one credit per semester are required during the first four semesters that students are taking courses in the physical therapy Ph.D. program. Other students in the program are encouraged to participate. These courses are designed to reinforce the material being presented in the research courses and to promote intellectual discussion on physical therapy science and scholarly works. Students will be required to read and discuss the research literature related to physical therapy illustrating the relationship of research design to statistical analysis and how researchers approach research questions and problems. Students must take 1 credit per semester for the first four semesters they are in the program. (1 credit)*