NSU HPD Catalog 2021-2022

378 Dr. Pallavi Patel College of Health Care Sciences—Department of Occupational Therapy Third Year—Summer Semester Credits OTD 8391 Level II Fieldwork Experience 9 Total Credits 9 Third Year—Fall Semester Credits OTD 8392 D octoral Certification and Capstone 2 OTD 8311 Occupational Science 3 or OTD 8312 Wellness in Occupational Therapy 3 OTD 8313 Applying Measurement Theory to Evaluation 3 or OTD 8314 Sensory Processing of Occupational Performance 3 OTD 8315 Topics in Contemporary and Emerging Practice 3 OTD 8364 Research Project II—Dissemination 2 Total Credits 13 Third Year—Winter Semester Credits OTD 8393 Level II Fieldwork Experience 9 Total Credits 9 Fourth Year—Summer Semester Credits OTD 8494 Doctoral Capstone, Reflections, and Exit Colloquium 12 Total Credits 12 Note: Students will have time allotted for administrative purposes (bursar, financial aid, etc.) during on-campus time each semester Total Credit Hours to Graduation: 122 Level I FWE: 360 Hours Level II FWE: 960 Hours Residency: 640 Hours Total Clinical Education Hours: 1,960 Hours