NSU HPD Catalog 2021-2022

352 Dr. Pallavi Patel College of Health Care Sciences—Department of Health Science Send transcripts and all required documents to Nova Southeastern University Enrollment Processing Services (EPS) Dr. Pallavi Patel College of Health Care Sciences M.H.Sc./Ph.D. in Health Science Admissions 3301 College Avenue, P.O. Box 299000 Fort Lauderdale, FL 33329-9905 A personal interview with the Committee on Admissions is required. A phone interview or Skype interview may be substituted upon approval. Important note: You must be accepted to the program no later than 21 days prior to the start of a semester in order to register for classes in that particular semester. If not, you will be placed on the accepted student list, but will not be able to start courses in that particular semester. In any case, you must register for your courses no later than 14 days prior to the start of the course in any semester. The M.H.Sc./Ph.D. in Health Science Committee on Admissions will not consider an application until all required fees, credentials, exam scores, transcripts, and documents are received by the committee. Transfer Credits Students matriculated in the M.H.Sc./Ph.D. in Health Science program may petition for transfer of credits to the program. Up to, but not to exceed, 6 credits may be considered for transfer from a regionally accredited program of study only if the transferred courses meet the goals and objectives of the course in question. Computer Requirements All students are required to have a computer with the following minimum specifications: • P entiumor AMD at 1.00GHZ or equivalent Macintosh processor • 256 MB RAM • video andmonitor capable of 1024 X768 resolution or better • CD-ROM drive • full duplex sound card and speakers • an Internet connection with Internet service provider (DSL, cable, or satellite highly recommended) • Windows XP or NT or MAC OS or better • Microsoft Office 2000 or newer with PowerPoint, Word, and Excel minimum • printer capability Tablets and smartphones, while very useful, may not be sufficient for all program uses. Upon admission, minimum computer requirements can be found online at nova.edu /publications/it-standards. Courses for M.H.Sc. Degree Credits MHS 5203 Writing for Allied Health Professionals 3 MHS 5510 Research Methods 3 MHS 5908 Applied Statistics 3 MHS 5906 Developmental Research Project 3 MHS 5995 Thesis I 3 MHS 5996 Thesis II 3 MHS 5997 Thesis III 3 MHS 5998 Thesis IV 3 DHS 8090 Health Policy, Planning, and Management 4 CurriculumOutline