NSU HPD Catalog 2021-2022

344 Dr. Pallavi Patel College of Health Care Sciences—Department of Health Science Experiential (required)—9 Credits Credits DHS 8125 Preparation Forum 1 DHS 8130 Internship 4 DHS 8140 Practicum 4 Residential Institutes (required)—12 Credits Credits DHS 8010 Statistics and Research Methods 4 DHS 8071 Conflict Resolution for Health Care Leaders 4 Electives—12 Credits Three of the following courses are required. Additional Core Block One or Two courses may be substituted. Credits DHS 8100 Alternative and Complementary Medicine 4 DHS 8165 Human Trafficking: Legal Issues, Public Health, and Advocacy for the Health Care Profession 4 DHS 8180 Medical Writing for the Health Professional 4 DHS 8195 Academic Health Program Development 4 DHS 8199 Interprofessional Health Care 4 DHS 8200 Independent Study A 4 DHS 8250 Independent Study B 4 DHS 8700 Comparative International Health Systems 4 DHS 8775 Survey of Health Law 4 DHS 8820 Telehealth Concepts, Applications, and Future Trends 4 DHS 8825 Technological Infrastructures of Telehealth 4 DHS 8830 Strategic Planning for Telehealth Programs and Services 4 DHS 8900 Narrative Medicine 4 Students interested in the global health concentration should take DHS 8400 and DHS 8810, either as core courses or electives. Students interested in the education in the health care professions concentration should take DHS 8195 as an elective. Students interested in the telehealth concentration should take DHS 8820, DHS 8825, and DHS 8830 as electives. Credits DHS 8121 Scientific Writing 2 Total 55 Two courses requiring attendance at on-campus, summer/winter residential institutes are required for the D.H.Sc. degree. These 20-hour sessions are held on the Fort Lauderdale/Davie Campus. Attendance is required for all students, regardless of concentration.