NSU HPD Catalog 2021-2022

Dr. Pallavi Patel College of Health Care Sciences—Department of Health Science 335 Required Summer/Winter Residential Institutes Credits DHS 8010 Statistics and Research Methods 4 DHS 8071 Conflict Resolution for Health Care Leaders 4 Total: 8 On-Campus Institutes—The summer institute is five days and affords the student the opportunity to take a course in the morning and the afternoon. The winter institute is three days and students can register and take only one course. There are two courses that students are required to take with the institute component. Completion of these two courses are a program requirement for all students. Block 2 One required, the others may be omitted or used as electives. Credits DHS 8400 Global Health Issues 4 HSP 9006 Concepts in Evidence-Based Medical Practice 4 DHS 8750 Patient Safety Medical Error 4 DHS 8810 Epidemiology and Global Health 4 DHS 8800 Health Care Informatics 4 Total: 4 Experiential Credits DHS 8125 Preparation Forum 1 DHS 8130 Internship 4 DHS 8140 Practicum 4 Total: 9 Electives (Choose three) Any courses from Block 1 and 2 not counted toward core requirements can also be used as electives. Credits DHS 8100 Alternative and Complementary Medicine 4 DHS 8180 Medical Writing for the Health Professional 4 DHS 8200 Independent Study A 1–4 DHS 8250 Independent Study B 1–4 DHS 8700 Comparative International Health Systems 4 DHS 8775 Survey of Health Law 4 DHS 8045 The Influence of Ethics and Culture on Global Health 4 Total: 12 Total credits completed in the D.H.Sc. program: 61 Additional Core Block 1, Core Block 2, and electives are available; please see the curriculum section of the D.H.Sc. program. If you wish to take courses not listed above, please consult your academic adviser.