NSU HPD Catalog 2021-2022

326 Dr. Pallavi Patel College of Health Care Sciences—Department of Health Science socioeconomic bases of these issues and the decision-making processes that providers and patients engage in are analyzed. Topics will include informed and voluntary consent, the role of institutional review boards, euthanasia, the allocation of scarce resources. (3 credits) MHS 5530—Principles and Practice of Management in Health Care This course will discuss the various principles of management and its associated issues as they relate to the modern health care professional. The course will explore topics such as concepts of organizational management, decision making, strategic planning, resource management and allocation, conflict, and the concept of power. (3 credits) MHS 6002—Clinical Trial Process This course provides students with the crucial aspects of the overall clinical trial process. Students will become familiar with the rationale for clinical trials, key terminology and processes associated with clinical trials, the design of clinical trials, and key plans and documents used in the conduct of clinical trials. The course will draw upon historical examples and codes, declarations, and other sources of regulation and trial conduct guidance, along with practical examples of trial design and management documentation. (3 credits) MHS 6003—Legal, Safety, Regulatory Compliance, and Best Practices This course provides students with the foundational knowledge of legal and regulatory compliance and best practices for the conduct of a clinical trial. It will also introduce the role of quality assurance, quality management systems, and standard operating procedures (SOPs). The aim is to familiarize students with the various jurisdictional regulations, guidance required of a practitioner in the area of clinical trials, and checks and balances in place to ensure compliance. The course will include lecture, case studies, and use of online reading assignments. (3 credits) MHS 6004—Reporting Clinical Trial Results in Different Media and Externship This course provides students with the foundational knowledge and practice cases on medical writing regulatory submissions, general management, and communication skills required during the conducting of clinical trials. The course will include lecture; case studies; and student participation in presentations, role play assignments, and written reports. (3 credits) MHS 6005—Clinical Trial Conduct The course takes students through the conduction of a clinical trial. The ultimate goal of the course is to have students become knowledgeable with the functions performed by a clinical research associate (CRA) during a clinical trial. Students will comprehend the various segments of clinical trials and the multiple duties and responsibilities involved in each. The course will incorporate online delivery of lectures, selected case studies, and the utilization of online technological learning aides. (3 credits) MHS 6007—Clinical Trial Manager This course provides students who have completed the clinical research associate certificate program with additional knowledge and understanding of the role and skills required of a clinical trial manager. This course will include lecture; case studies; and student participation in presentations, role play assignments, and written reports. (3 credits) Elective Courses MHS 5103—Principles of Advanced Life Support Introduction to the accepted principles of the advanced life support measures used in adult medical, traumatic, and pediatric emergencies. Includes a review of the most common emergency situations encountered and provides hands-on practical training that will assist the clinician in developing the skills required to stabilize patients with life-threatening conditions. (3 credits) MHS 5112—Bioterrorism andWeapons of Mass Destruction Students will review the effects of warfare and bioterrorism on populations, with emphasis on low-intensity conflict and dispersion of chemical and biological weapons in populated areas. Discussions will be devoted to the ecological, sociological, environmental, and general health effects. (3 credits) MHS 5211—Contemporary Issues in Nutrition Covers a variety of general concepts and contemporary discussions in the area of nutrition as it applies to personal health. Many of the concepts learned in this course can be applied to the patient counseling and advisement health care professionals are asked to perform. (3 credits) MHS 5400—Directed Studies in Medical Science This course provides the opportunity for students to explore a special topic of interest under the direction of a faculty member. Arrangements are made directly with the appropriate faculty member and the program director. Topic exploration is governed by the needs of the program and the educational goals of the student. Possible topics involve clinical and nonclinical aspects of the practice of medicine in the United States. (1–9 credits) MHS 5535—Issues in Health Care Leadership This course requires the student to solve a simulated problem facing a simulated health care organization, addressing its impact on all aspects of the health care institution. Students will describe their leadership philosophy based on recognized