NSU HPD Catalog 2021-2022

Dr. Pallavi Patel College of Health Care Sciences—Department of Health Science 323 Health Care Administration Concentration This concentration is designed to provide clinical and administrative health professionals with the theoretical and practical training necessary to enhance career mobility and professional advancement. It offers courses in leadership and management, finance, ethics, risk management, research, and other essential areas of health care administration. Concentration Courses (21 credits) Credits MMIS 623 Information Privacy and Ethics 3 MHS 5510 Research Methods 3 MHS 5546 Health Care Finance 3 MHS 5530 Principles of Management in Health Care 3 MHS 5535 Issues in Health Care Leadership 3 MHS 5537 Health Care Leadership Quality Assurance/Risk Management 3 MHS 5538 Patient Safety and Compliance in Health Care 3 Practical Courses (10 credits) Credits MHS 5309 U.S. Health Policy 5 MHS 5207 Practicum 5 Concentration for Recognition In order to gain recognition in the Health Care Administration concentration of the M.H.Sc. program, the student must complete all seven concentration courses for a total of 21 total hours, as well as the 2 practical courses for 10 total hours, as outlined above. Those completing the concentration will be recognized as such with appropriate credentials. If you have any questions of how this may apply to your M.H.Sc. completion, contact the program or your academic adviser for assistance.