NSU HPD Catalog 2021-2022

314 Dr. Pallavi Patel College of Health Care Sciences—Department of Health Science The Master of Health Science (M.H.Sc.) Program is a distance education program designed to provide health professionals with the theoretical and academic training necessary to enhance career mobility and professional advancement. Health professionals practicing today in urban and rural communities throughout the nation are highly recognized as valuable members of the health care team who make quality care more accessible while reducing costs. These health care professionals are playing a prominent and respected role in providing community medical service. An increasing number of employers are seekingmaster’s-level, academically prepared professionals to fill expanded roles that include clinical specialization, health education, research, and health care administration. The M.H.Sc. didactic curriculum provides education in a variety of health related topics. The practical component of the programwill be tailored to the individual interest and goal of the graduate student. Under faculty guidance, students will demonstrate increased understanding in their chosen area of study. The M.H.Sc. program is designed for working nonphysician clinicians and health professionals who have graduated from an accredited health program, as well as health care managers and administrators. Admissions Requirements The Department of Health Science Committee on Admissions considers the overall qualities of the applicant. Areas of consideration include personal motivation, quality and length of prior health care experience, academic performance and level of achievement, life experiences, and personal recommendations. The M.H.Sc. Program will admit clinical and administrative health care professionals with diverse undergraduate and professional education, health care work history, health care administrative experience, and life experiences who have a demonstrated capacity to pursue a rigorous course of master’s degree study and increasingly responsible positions in the health care arena. Prospective M.H.Sc. students are selected by considering the overall qualities of the applicant through application content, academic performance and level of achievement, prior clinical health care experience or a minimum of one year of responsible administrative health care experience, life experiences, letters of evaluation, and personal motivation. In special circumstances, a personal interview may be required. Prior to matriculation into the program, applicants must hold a bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited college or university with a minimum cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 2.75 or higher on a 4.0 scale. Prior clinical health care experience or a minimum of one year of health administrative experience is required. The M.H.Sc. is a postprofessional degree designed for health practitioners, clinicians, and administrators from a wide variety of disciplines. The commonality exhibited by our students is one–three years of responsible health care administrative managerial or supervisory experience and/or the practice of a recognized health occupation that requires registration, certification, or licensure. The successful applicant’s health professional experience emphasizes the delivery of clinical services to individuals (e.g., physician assistant, physical therapist, dental hygienist, registered nurse, vascular sonographer, radiology technician, respiratory therapist, etc.). The successful applicant’s health administrative experience includes individuals who act as professional administrators in a variety of health care settings. Applicants who qualify under the clinical health professional pathway will document their eligibility through state and/ or national registration, certification, or licensure in a clinical health field. Applicants who qualify under the health administration pathway will document their experience with an organizational chart showing their position in a health care organization and a letter of reference from a supervisor attesting to their experience and level of responsibility. Administrative applicants will submit a 500 to 1,000 word essay describing their personal and career goals. The university reserves the right tomodify any requirement on an individual basis as deemed necessary by the dean of the Dr. Pallavi Patel College of Health Care Sciences. In order to be considered for admission, applicants must submit the following prior to matriculation: • official transcripts of all coursework attempted at all colleges and universities must be forwarded, by institutions attended, to the Enrollment Processing Services, Master of Health Science Program I t is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that arrangements are made for these transcripts to be sent to N ova Southeastern University Enrollment Processing Services Dr. Pallavi Patel College of Health Care Sciences M.H.Sc. Program 3301 College Avenue, P.O. Box 299000 Fort Lauderdale, FL 33329-9905 Master of Health Science Program for Health Professionals