NSU HPD Catalog 2021-2022

NSU Health Professions Division 15 Grades Once grade(s) have been posted to the student’s academic record, a notification email directing students to SharkLink to view their grades is sent. An official grade report may also be printed from SharkLink. Class Registration and Changes All students must complete an online Student Enrollment Agreement (SEA) form each year in order to register for classes. The SEA outlines the university’s standards and policies regarding course registration and withdrawal, financial responsibility, and more. A copy of the SEA is available on the registrar’s website at nova.edu/registrar/forms/catch-the -sea-wave. Students must be officially registered prior to the start of the semester/term in order to participate in and receive academic credit for those courses. All holds must be cleared at the time of registration. Late registration will not be accepted if due to a financial hold that was not cleared prior to the close of the registration period. Students are responsible for reviewing their registration and academic records each semester/term for accuracy and for promptly notifying their programoffice/adviser of any discrepancies. Students have no more than 20 days after the end of a semester/term to resolve any discrepancies. Petitions for retroactive drops, withdrawals, or refunds for a course will only be considered based on documented extenuating circumstances. Appropriate documentation may include doctor’s notes and death certificates. Roster Reconciliation Students are required to attend the first class of each course to start academic work for the semester, unless they have obtained prior approval for an absence from the instructor. Without such approval, a student will be reported as not in attendance, which may result in the student being dropped from the class through the university’s roster reconciliation process. However, it remains the student’s responsibility to monitor class registration status in accordance with the Student Enrollment Agreement (SEA), regardless of the instructor’s roster reconciliation submission. Students who believe they were reported in error as nonattendee must communicate with the instructor, who is the only one able to correct the record. Faculty members must email rostrec@nova.edu to request a student be left on the class roster who was originally reported as not in attendance. Name, Social Security Number, or Gender Changes NSU requires official documentation to make any change to the name, Social Security number, or gender students have on record. Students must submit a completed Data Change Form, available at nova.edu/registrar/forms/data_change.pdf, along with supporting legal documentation. For details on acceptable documentation for each change, visit the registrar’s website at nova.edu/registrar/services.html. Address Changes Students may change their address via SharkLink by clicking “Viewmy profile.” Loan Deferment/Enrollment and Degree Verification Students may obtain a free, official Loan Deferment/Enrollment Verification Form via SharkLink. This Enrollment Verification Form is an official document from the National Student Clearinghouse (NSC) that can be presented to health insurance agencies, housing authorities, consumer product companies, banks, and other agencies requiring documentation of your current enrollment status. Commencement The Office of the University Registrar coordinates all NSU commencement exercises, processes degree applications, and prints and distributes diplomas. Complete information is available online at nova.edu/commencement. Transfer Evaluation Services Graduate and First-Professional Students Graduate and first-professional students may refer to the institutional polices on transferring credits to NSU listed on the TES website at nova.edu/tes. Questions regarding the transfer of graduate/first-professional-level courses should be addressed to the student’s program admissions office. Degree Works Online Degree Evaluations The university’s online degree evaluation system, Degree Works, is a useful reference tool to help students track their progress toward degree requirements published in the college catalog. Students may access Degree Works in SharkLink. Degree Works evaluations are not official and do not replace a student’s academic advisor or college catalog information. Students should consult their specific academic advisor/program office for detailed program requirements and course options. Final approval for the completion of graduation requirements is granted by the program office. For more information, visit the registrar’s office at nova.edu/registrar/degreeworks.html. The One-Stop Shop (Horvitz and Terry Administration Buildings) The One-Stop Shops are the central point of contact for information and service for walk-in prospective, new, and continuing students. Staff members are cross-trained to answer inquiries about financial aid, registrar, and bursar functions. Students can also obtain their SharkCards and parking permits at the One-Stop Shops, which are located in the Horvitz Administration Building, and on the first floor of the Terry Administration Building, both on the Fort Lauderdale /Davie Campus. Hours of Operation Monday–Friday: 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.