NSU HPD Catalog 2023-2024

12 NSU Health Professions Division Tuition Assistance Plans • Tuition Direct Billing A student whose employer, sponsor, or guarantor has agreed to be direct billed by NSU must notify the Office of the University Bursar accordingly. Upon registration, the student must – provide a voucher, financial guarantee, letter of credit, or authorization from the respective payer with the amount and enrollment period for which funds are to be applied when charges are due at the time of registration – where applicable, pay any amount due not covered in the billed party documentation no later than the start of the semester to avoid the assessment of late fees • Tuition Reimbursement Some employers/sponsors/guarantors make payments directly to the student under tuition reimbursement programs. These programs are between the student and the employer only. To avoid holds on the account, students must do the following upon registration: – pay charges in full for the semester/term – send an email to bursar@nova.edu from their SharkLink (NSU) email account to request a receipt of paid charges Please note that students under employer tuition reimbursement programs are not exempt from the university’s payment policy. Students must ensure that their accounts remain free from holds, so they may access their transcripts at the end of each semester for tuition reimbursement purposes. Florida Prepaid College Plan NSU accepts and bills the Florida Prepaid College Plan (FLPP) for tuition, fees, and on-campus housing costs. The plans are based on the tuition rates of the tax-assisted Florida public colleges and universities. The difference between NSU tuition, fees, and on-campus housing costs and the allocations through the Florida Prepaid College Plan is the sole responsibility of the student. If a student is on the unrestricted plan, the student must designate a dollar amount for up to the cost of tuition and fees. Students new to NSU must contact Florida Prepaid at 800-552-GRAD to authorize NSU for payment. For those students who have notified the Florida Prepaid College Plan that they are attending NSU, the plan will automatically be billed based on the hours of enrollment after the drop/add period. A student may request changes to their FLPP by submitting a completed and signed Florida Prepaid College Plan Billing Request Form available on the bursar’s website at nova.edu/bursar/forms. To learn more about the Florida Prepaid College Plan, visit myfloridaprepaid.com. NSU Student Health Insurance NSU requires all students to carry adequate health insurance coverage. Therefore, all NSU students will be automatically enrolled in the NSU Student Health Insurance Plan, and their student accounts will be charged when they register for classes. Students who reside and take classes outside of the United States are exempt from this requirement. Students who already have health insurance must opt out of the NSU Student Health Insurance Plan each academic year by the given waiver deadline for their program. For detailed information, including waiver deadlines; access to the online waiver; and NSU Student Health Insurance Plan features, costs, and more, students should visit the bursar’s website at nova.edu/studentinsurance. The Office of the University Registrar The Office of the University Registrar offers a variety of services to the university community. These services include, but are not limited to, course registration, transcript processing, name and address change, loan deferment, enrollment and degree verification, grade processing, commencement, degree conferral, and diploma printing. The essential responsibility of the registrar’s office is to create, maintain, and protect students’ academic records, as well as interpret and uphold university policy. Additional information is available at nova.edu/registrar or call (954) 262-7200, 800-262-7200, or 800-541-6682, ext. 27200. Transcript Requests Students may view a complete academic history, print out an unofficial transcript, and request an official printed or electronic transcript in SharkLink. The fee for an electronic official transcript is $17. Printed official transcripts are delivered by U.S. postal mail. They cost $19.50 to be sent within the U.S., and $22 to be sent internationally. For additional information on ordering transcripts, visit nova.edu/registrar/services/transcript.html. Grades Once grades have been posted to students’ academic records, notification emails directing students to SharkLink to view their grades are sent. Unofficial grade reports may also be printed from SharkLink. Class Registration and Changes All students must complete an online Student Enrollment Agreement (SEA) form each year in order to gain access to class registration. The SEA outlines the university’s standards and policies regarding course registration and withdrawal, financial responsibility, and more. A copy of the SEA is available on the registrar’s website at nova.edu/registrar/forms/catch-the -sea-wave. Students must be officially registered prior to the