NSU HPD Catalog 2021-2022

College of Optometry 255 OPT 7122—Primary Care Clinic II Continuation of Primary Care Clinic I. (0-144-2.5) OPT 7132—Primary Care Clinic III This course provides experience in a clinical setting for students, under the direct supervision of certified optometric physicians, to evaluate and manage the vision disorders and ocular health conditions of patients. This includes refractive, binocular, ocular health, and visual pathway conditions. In addition, the student will learn to apply appropriate management and treatment protocols. (0-144-2.5) OPT 7146—Primary Care Clinical Externship The cl inical program provides direct patient-care experience in primary care optometric practice with an emphasis on primary care under the supervision of clinical preceptors. Assignments related to independent learning will further contribute to the students’ learning. (0-320-5.5) OPT 7151—Optical Services Rotation I In this introductory rotation in the clinic’s optical service, the third-year student begins to apply ophthalmic dispensing procedures learned during the second year Ophthalmic Optics lecture and laboratory to the day-to-day workings of the optical. The purpose of the student’s presence in the optical is to expand and reinforce his or her knowledge of ophthalmic optics and its application and significance in patient care. (0-24-0.5) OPT 7161—Optical Services Rotation II This second optical rotation allows the third-year student to apply a greater scope of learned ophthalmic dispensing procedures to the day-to-day workings of the optical. The purpose of this rotation is to reinforce the knowledge of ophthalmic optics and its application and significance in patient care. (0-32-0.5) OPT 7171—Optical Services Rotation III In this third rotation in the clinic’s optical dispensary, the thirdyear student continues to apply his or her learned ophthalmic dispensing procedures to the day-to-day workings of the optical, building on the experience of the previous semesters and working more independently. Additionally, practice management concepts are introduced. The purpose of this rotation is to expand and enhance the student’s knowledge of ophthalmic optics and its application in patient care by meeting the visual needs of patients. (0-32-0.5) OPT 7182—Ophthalmic Lasers, Injections, and Surgical Procedures This course is a series of learning modules encompassing surgical and laser procedures of the ocular adnexa, anterior segment, and posterior segment of the eye. Patient selection and preparation, preoperative care, surgical techniques, postoperative care, complications, and expected outcomes will be presented. In addition, a lab portion will allow students to practice various advanced optometric procedures presented in the didactic portion of the course, including suturing, injections, anterior segment laser therapy, and chalazion removal. (27-18-2) OPT 7214—Cornea and Contact Lens Externship The clinical programprovides experience in cornea and contact lens patient care and practice management and emphasizes the use of special tests, procedures, and scholarly activities relevant to this specialty. (0-240-4) OPT 7224—Pediatric and Binocular Vision Externship This clinical programprovides exposure to pediatric optometry and binocular vision patient care with emphasis on diagnosis and treatment of functional vision disorders. It includes administration of specialty test procedures and vision therapy for the enhancement of functional skills. (0-240-4) OPT 7233—Vision Rehabilitation and Geriatrics Externship Low vision rehabilitation and geriatric vision care in traditional and educational settings for the visually impaired. Exposure to vision-enhancing devices. (0-160-2.5) OPT 7308—Medical and Surgical Clinical Externship Diagnosis, management, and treatment of patients in a medical/surgical setting. Pre- and post-operative care, evaluation and comanagement of patients with systemic health anomalies and medical conditions such as glaucoma. Observation of medical eye care. (0-480-8) OPT 7408—Clinical Elective Externship An opportunity for the student to gain additional clinic experience from a choice of primary care, secondary care, or tertiary care clinic sites. (0-480-8) OPT 7501—Current Topics in Practice Management Explore current practice options in optometry including starting from scratch, purchasing or joining a practice, and practice valuation. Learn the proper techniques for successful coding and billing in today’s managed care economy. Understand the importance of patient communication, networking, community involvement, and third party participation. Analyze today’s market and the student’s personal financial goals to develop a plan for successful practice. (18-0-1) * Successful completion of these courses can lead to a Bachelor of Science degree in Vision Science.