NSU HPD Catalog 2021-2022

204 College of Pharmacy PHRE 5991—Research in Pharmacy Practice Students, under the direction of one or more pharmacy practice faculty members, will perform individual research projects. Projects may involve direct patient care or translational research (e.g., pharmacokinetics, pharmacogenomics). Semester credits must be negotiated with the adviser and approved by the department chair prior to the start of any work. Students will be involved in both the planning and execution of the research project. (0-[48–144]-[1–3]) PHRE 5993—Literature Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences The course involves the directed reading, evaluation, and analysis of scientific literature (papers and reviews) in the fields of pharmacology, pharmaceutics, biopharmaceutics, pharmacokinetics, drug delivery systems, pharmaceutical technology, biotechnology, toxicology, and others. It involves thorough reading and assimilation of scientific information and preparing reports and/or manuscripts as agreed between the adviser and advisee. Through a mutual agreement between faculty members and students, a specific area of research within a field will be selected according to the interest of student and faculty member. Under the direct supervision of a faculty member, the student will be trained on the retrieval of scientific information, will be mentored to understand the findings of the paper(s), and will build a hypothesis of his or her own on the leading topic from various publications and reviews. Students will also be trained in how to write papers and reviews. (0-[144–192]-[3–4]) PHRE 5995—Research in Sociobehavioral and Administrative Pharmacy I This research elective course is designed to provide students with fundamental understanding of issues surrounding research methodology in pharmacy, public health, and biomedical science researches. The course provides guidance to students through the complete research process, from formulation of research problem and hypothesis, to literature review, data collection and analysis, and summary of research report. (0-[48–144]-[1–3]) PHRE 5997—Research in Sociobehavioral and Administrative Pharmacy II This research elective course is the continuation of the Research in Sociobehavioral and Administrative Pharmacy I elective course. It is designed to provide guidance to students through the complete research processes, from formulation of a topic to data collection and analysis, to completion of a final report. The amount and nature of the work to be done for this research elective course will be determined by the individual faculty research adviser. Prerequisite: PHRE 5995 (0-[48–192]-[1–4]) PHRE 5999—Research in the Pharmaceutical Sciences In this course, students work under the direction/supervision of one or more facultymembers in a research laboratory. Students are involved in planning and executing an approved research project using basic techniques of scientific research. Students will be awarded 3 or 4 semester credits on the basis of 48 laboratory hours per credit. (0-[144–192]-[3–4]) PHRE 6431—Team-Based Medication Management Practices This course provides student-pharmacists with broad-based exposure to patient-care activities that will prepare them to practice as part of an interprofessional team in an ambulatory care practice environment. Students will participate in various direct patient-care activities, including telephonic medication therapy management (MTM) services, adherence outreach, and transitional care management to help improve medication-related outcomes. The course will also emphasize interprofessional collaboration and cooperation, such that students will be able to demonstrate effective communication techniques, collect and analyze data, develop and implement treatment plans, provide education, provide instruction on patient self-management, and conduct appropriate follow-up. In addition to live lectures and online recordings, the student will be expected to be at the Adherence Transitions of Care and Medication Therapy Management (MTM) Center on the Fort Lauderdale/Davie campus for patient-care activities approximately four hours per week. Didactic lectures will address overall health management of patients including, but not limited to, MTM, adherence, and transitions of care. After successful completion of this course, students will complete a physician-precepted Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience (APPE) ambulatory care rotation during their final year. Prerequisite: P3 Standing (16-48-2) PHRE 6997—Travel Study Program The program provides students with an overview, understanding, and appreciation for pharmaceutical and medical practices outside the United States. Visits to pharmacies, hospitals, and cultural sites in the region allow students to study and experience the history, culture, and health care practices of the country visited. (48-0-3)