NSU HPD Catalog 2023-2024

180 Barry and Judy Silverman College of Pharmacy—Advanced Standing Program OR • practiced as a licensed pharmacist for greater than 50 percent of the time since pharmacy school graduation (proof of licensed pharmacist employment, including dates and position[s] held, must be provided via a letter of recommendation from the applicant’s employer) It is strongly recommended that applicants also submit official scores from the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) and/or the Pharmacy College Admission Test (PCAT). Application Procedures Applicants apply for matriculation into the summer semester. The Office of Admissions processes applications on a “rolling” basis; therefore, it is in the best interest of the applicant to apply early. Listed below are the steps necessary to complete the application process. 1. Applicants must submit an electronic PharmCAS application. The interactive, web-based application can be accessed through PharmCAS.org. The PharmCAS application process takes four to six weeks. • application deadline: May 1 2. Applicants must submit the materials listed following to PharmCAS. • Foreign evaluations and official transcripts from all colleges and universities attended must be submitted directly to PharmCAS by the college or university or by World Education Services, Inc. Applicants who have taken coursework outside the U.S., please see Foreign Coursework section on this page for further instructions. • PCAT or other standardized exams scores are optional. Applicants who have taken TOEFL or IELTS exams should send them directly to PharmCAS. Duolingo scores should be emailed to pharmacyadmissions@nova.edu. • Applicants should send letters of recommendation directly to PharmCAS. All letters should be on proper letterhead and signed with a pen. Interview Process A personal interview is part of the admissions process; however, being interviewed is not a guarantee of admission. Upon receipt of the completed application, a review will be made to determine if the applicant will be granted an interview. Not all applicants will be granted an interview. The Office of Admissions will notify selected applicants to schedule interviews. Notice of Acceptance Notice of acceptance or other action by the Committee on Admissions will be on a “rolling” or periodic schedule. Early completion of the application process is in the best interest of the applicant. Admittance to the college is contingent upon successful completion of all prerequisite coursework prior to the first day of the semester. Proof of completion is required. Transcripts After acceptance, final and official transcripts from all colleges and universities attended, and/or final and official documents, must be received within 90 calendar days from the start of the term. If these final and official transcripts and/or documents are not received by that time, the student will not be allowed to continue class attendance. In addition, financial aid will not be disbursed to students until all their necessary documents required to be fully admitted have been provided. Foreign Coursework Applicants who have completed coursework outside of the U.S. must request an official foreign evaluation report from World Education Services, Inc. Please request a course-by-course foreign transcript evaluation report (FTER), with an overall GPA calculation, sent directly from WES to PharmCAS. • World Education Services, Inc. (212) 966-6311 • 800-361-3106 • wes.org - By Postal Mail WES Reference # WES Global Documentation Centre PO Box 2008 STN MAIN Newmarket, ON, L3Y 0G5 Canada - By Express Courier WES Reference # WES Global Documentation Centre 14-145 Industrial Parkway South Aurora, ON, L4G 3V5 Canada It is the applicant’s responsibility to have this coursework evaluated. An official course-by-course evaluation with a cumulative grade point average must be sent directly to PharmCAS or Nova Southeastern University. 3. In order to be fully admitted, applicants must submit all required admissions documents directly to NSU’s Enrollment Processing Service at the address below. • Nova Southeastern University Enrollment Processing Service Barry and Judy Silverman College of Pharmacy Admissions 3300 S. University Drive, PO Box 299000 Fort Lauderdale, FL 33328-2004 Program Requirements All students must purchase an iPad or personal computer for assignments and assessments and have an active account with an Internet service provider. In addition, students must have ongoing access to a computer capable of connecting to the Internet and playing streaming video files. Online course notes and discussions will be provided to the student through an online