NSU HPD Catalog 2021-2022

Dr. Kiran C. Patel College of Osteopathic Medicine—Couple and Family Therapy Programs 167 Exemplary studies from other disciplines are used; however, studies from the family therapy literature, when available, are offered. Offered winter term. Prerequisite: SFTD 5007 (3 credit hours) SFTD 6520—Diversity and Psychosocial Issues Human development in the context of family transitions across the life cycle—such as childbirth, childhood, adolescence, courtship, marriage, maturity, aging, and death—are reviewed. This course focuses on the diversity of psychosocial development across ethnicity, class, gender, race, age, and culture, with discussions and implications for interactional therapies and practices. Offered fall term. Prerequisite: SFTD 6200 I (3 credit hours) SFTD 6530—Family Therapy Topics This special topics course on family therapy has content determined by the instructor. It is offered in the fall semester. (3 credit hours) SFTD 6540—Independent Study in Family Therapy An independent study is developed with a faculty member of choice on a mutually determined, critical, family therapy topic that could include a specific research-based or clinical project or a grant-funded research project. This course is generally taken at the end of the second year or later to enhance a student’s independent studies and trainings. Prerequisite: Program approval required. (3 credit hours) SFTD 6550—International Perspectives in Counseling and Therapy This course is designed to review issues relevant to the practice of counseling, therapy, and human services work in an international context. Issues explored include the adaptation of western models of therapy for practice in other countries; immigrant family experiences and the relevance to clinical practice in the U.S.; and global ethical issues in counseling and therapy. Students will learn to become more sophisticated with regard to their understanding of family functioning and the role of counseling and therapy in an international context. Offered summer term. Prerequisites: SFTD 5006, SFTD 5008, SFTD 5009, SFTD 6200 I, II (3 credit hours) SFTD 6558—Couples Therapy: Theory and Application In this course, students will examine their own experiences, biases, and values about couples and working with couples as well as the historical development of couples therapy. Students will learn current clinical approaches to couples therapy and evidence-based models for working with couples. Students will examine current couple and marital research, as well as assessment instruments used for working with couples. Students will examine specific professional, ethical, and legal issues associated with couples work. Issues of diversity and a commitment to multicultural exploration are demonstrated and interwoven throughout all discussions as students explore specific areas of work with couples, such as extramarital affairs, intimate partner violence, divorce, step-parenting, and health and illness. Offered winter term. (3 credit hours) SFTD 6570—School-Based Family Counseling This course offers training to work in educational settings utilizing brief, solution-oriented, and strength-based approaches to school issues. It will assist those therapists seeking a Certified Educational Planner credential. Offered summer term. Prerequisite: SFTD 6200 I (3 credit hours) SFTD 6590—Advanced Bowen Systems This course advances the study of the concepts of the natural systems approach to family therapy, family-of-origin issues, multigenerational systems processes, biological/evolutionary constructions to the understanding of human systems and the practical applications across multiple disciplines. Offered summer term. (3 credit hours) SFTD 6600—Preliminary Review This course is an organized review of, and personal reflection upon, the collective body of work students have produced during their progress through their first year. A written selfreview of professional growth, personal growth, and responses to challenges, along with other significant contributions is submitted for faculty review. (3 credit hours) SFTD 6630—Grief and Loss The personal beliefs and philosophies regarding dying, loss, and death are explored. Bereavement across the life cycle, including developmental issues relating to adults and children and their understanding of loss, is reviewed. The manner in which other cultures create meaningful rituals for life and death will be presented. Offered summer term. (3 credit hours) SFTD 6650—Coursework Portfolio This course is an organized review of, and personal reflection upon, the collective body of work students have produced during their progress through the course curriculum. (3 credit hours) SFTD 6750—Clinical Portfolio This course provides an opportunity for students to demonstrate their clinical competence, creativity, and theoretical clarity in a manner and setting similar to that which could be expected in a job interview situation. This culmination of in-house clinical training allows students to demonstrate the full range and depth of their clinical skills and theoretical knowledge through a written statement of treatment philosophy, case study, and video presentation. (3 credit hours) SFTD 6825—Academic/Research Portfolio This course is developed as a way for students to demonstrate their academic and professional research accomplishments during the program, including professional development