NSU HPD Catalog 2023-2024

Dr. Kiran C. Patel College of Osteopathic Medicine—Couple and Family Therapy Programs 163 SFTM 6332—Human Sexuality and Gender This course provides a review of the psychosocial development of sexuality and gender from childhood through aging. Also addressed is a summary of clinical approaches to sexual and gender issues comparing interactional approaches with psychodynamic and behavioral models. Offered winter term. Corequisite: SFTM 5310 (3 credit hours) SFTM 6333—Theories of Personality and Psychopathology A review of major theories of personality and psychopathology are the focus of this course, which emphasizes psychiatric diagnostic classification systems. The study of implications for treatment and comparisons with interactional approaches are included. Offered summer term. Corequisite: SFTM 5310 (3 credit hours) SFTM 6340—Legal, Ethical, and Professional Issues in Marriage and Family Therapy This course offers an in-depth explanation of accreditation and licensure organizations, along with the ethical codes they promote in family therapy and related fields. This includes a review of the therapist’s legal responsibilities and liabilities in mental health and family law, insurance claims, and private practice management with inclusion of an overview of professional opportunities in public service and training programs. Offered fall term. (3 credit hours) SFTM 6550—International Issues in Counseling and Therapy This course is designed to review issues relevant to the practice of counseling, therapy, and human services work in an international context. Issues explored include the adaptation of western models of therapy for practice in other countries; immigrant family experiences and the relevance to clinical practice in the U.S.; and global ethical issues in counseling and therapy. Students will learn to become more sophisticated with regard to their understanding of family functioning and the role of counseling and therapy in an international context. Offered summer term. Prerequisites: SFTM 5310, SFTM 5320, SFTM 5321, SFTM 6340, SFTM 5400 I (3 credit hours) SFTM 6374—Individual and Group Psychotherapy This course reviews major theories of psychotherapy and understanding of psychosocial development on which they are based. It explores individual and group techniques from psychodynamic, behavioral/cognitive, humanist/experiential, and systemic approaches. It is offered in the winter semester. (3 credit hours) SFTM 6558—Couples Therapy: Theory and Application In this course, students will examine their own experiences, biases, and values about couples and working with couples as well as the historical development of couples therapy. Students will learn current clinical approaches to couples therapy and evidence-based models for working with couples. Students will examine current couple and marital research, as well as assessment instruments used for working with couples. Students will examine specific professional, ethical, and legal issues associated with couples work. Issues of diversity and a commitment to multicultural exploration are demonstrated and interwoven throughout all discussions as students explore specific areas of work with couples, such as extramarital affairs, intimate partner violence, divorce, step-parenting, and health and illness. Offered winter term. (3 credit hours) SFTM 6630—Grief and Loss The personal beliefs and philosophies regarding dying, loss, and death are explored. Bereavement across the life cycle, including developmental issues relating to adults and children and their understanding of loss, is reviewed. The manner in which other cultures create meaningful rituals for life and death will be presented. Offered summer term. (3 credit hours) Couple and Family Therapy Department Chair, Interim Director of Doctoral Programs, and Assistant Professor: F. M. Niazi I Director—BTI and Assistant Professor: N. Rothman | Director—M.S. Programs and Assistant Professor: L. Pantaleao | Director—Health and Wellness Coaching and Assistant Professor: S. Akhtarullah | Professor: A. H. Rambo | Associate Professors: C. F. Burnett, K.S. Erolin, P. Li | Assistant Professors: V. Bennett, J. Boe, R. Clarke, F. Nikparvar, J. Popham, T. Spencer