NSU HPD Catalog 2020-2021

Dr. Kiran C. Patel College of Osteopathic Medicine—Family Therapy Programs 143 DMFT 6110 Systems Application in the Life Cycle of Aging 3 DMFT 6120 Relationships in Aging 3 DMFT 6130 Caregiving in the Family 3 DMFT 6140 Grief and Loss in Aging 3 DMFT 6321 Fundamentals of Teaching Marriage and Family Therapy 3 DMFT 6430 Qualitative Research I 3 DMFT 6530 Organizational Systems and Consultation 3 DMFT 6550 International Perspectives in Counseling and Therapy 3 DMFT 6590 Advanced Bowen Family Systems 3 FSHC 5000 Family Systems Health Care I 3 FSHC 5010 Family Systems Health Care II: Grief and Loss 3 *See course schedule for a list of elective options, as elective courses may vary. Internal Practicums and Supervision • Internal Practicum: Four terms of enrollment in internal clinical practicums at the Brief Therapy Institute, the program’s on-campus clinical facility, are required. Teams of students (maximum of six) meet weekly with a faculty supervisor to work with live, community-referred clients. Cases are supervised throughout the calendar year. Students may choose a flexible practicum during their fourth practicum if one is available. It is provided for students to see cases independently at the clinic. The faculty supervisor must approve this independent placement and students must continue to obtain supervision during this time. • Supervision: One course in the fundamentals of supervision of family therapy clinicians is required. Additionally, students will register for two supervision practicums that offer them the opportunity to practice skills learned in that class. Students must be in good academic standing to be eligible to register for the course. Master of Science in Family Therapy The M.S. in Family Therapy curriculum includes the following: Required Core Courses Credit Hours SFTM 5310 Introduction to Systems Theory 3 SFTM 5311 Substance Abuse and Critical Issues in Systems Theories 3 SFTM 5320 Introduction to Marital and Family Therapy: Counseling Theories and Techniques 3 SFTM 5321 Theories of Marriage and Family Therapy 3 SFTM 5322 Clinical Practice in Marriage and Family Therapy 3 SFTM 5335 Human Development Across the Life Cycle 3 SFTM 5350 Research in Marriage and Family Therapy 3 SFTM 6320 Assessment in Marital and Family Therapy 3 SFTM 6331 Diversity and Psychosocial Issues 3 SFTM 6332 Human Sexuality and Gender 3 SFTM 6333 Theories of Personality and Psychopathology 3 SFTM 6340 Legal, Ethical, and Professional Issues 3