NSU HPD Catalog 2020-2021

Dr. Kiran C. Patel College of Osteopathic Medicine—Graduate Certificate in Health Professions Preparation 131 to medical informatics and advanced immersive learning technologies. Students have access to a variety of computer educational resources and course material, including • Canvas courses, including SharkMedia recordings • examinations via ExamSoft • electronic textbooks through the NSU bookstore and NSU libraries • interactive learning via Turning Point® • immersive medical simulation experience (basic and 3-D advanced immersive learning and gaming) • web modules • Lecturio • academic/board review materials A campus-wide wireless network exists to provide students with electronic access anywhere on campus. It includes audiovisual, holographic, and videoconferencing capabilities for efficient, two-way communication during classes and when engaging in remote learning. Transfer of Credit The Graduate Certificate in Health Professions Preparation Program does not accept the transfer of credit from any other program within NSU or from other colleges or universities. Graduation Requirements To be eligible for NSU’s Graduate Certificate in Health Professions Preparation, the student must • satisfactorily complete all coursework with a grade point average of 3.0 or higher • complete an exit survey • satisfactorily meet all financial and library obligations CurriculumOutline This is a full-time graduate program of study with 18 total credits over two semesters. Required Courses—Class of 2021 Semester 1 (9 credit hours) Credit Hours PBC 9101 Anatomy I 2 PBC 9201 Physiology I 2 PBC 9300 Genetics 2 PBC 9400 Biochemistry 2 PBC 9501 Strategies for Academic Success I 1 Semester 2 (9 credit hours) Credit Hours PBC 9102 Anatomy II 2 PBC 9202 Physiology II 2 PBC 9600 Microbiology 2 PBC 9700 Immunology 2 PBC 9502 Strategies for Academic Success II 1